Winning The Game Of Weight Loss

Winning The Game Of Weight Loss

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What You’ll Learn:

How to Effortlessly Improve Your Mind Fitness to Lose the Weight and Maintain the Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of.

…Without Struggle, Starvation, Stress or Sacrifice…

… Even If Everything You’ve Tried Before Has Failed!

If weight loss was simply a matter of eating less and exercising more… wouldn’t everyone be skinny? In our Winning The Game of Weight Loss training, we are pulling back the curtain and letting you in on a few secrets that can help you finally lose all the weight you want and get the body you’ve always wanted. Specifically, we’re going to show you 1) The New Breakthrough Science Of Weight Loss, 2) How To Fix Your Emotional Eating Patterns Once And For All, 3) How To Get Down To (And Maintain) Your Goal Weight Without “Yo-Yo” Dieting, and 4) The Psychology of Eating

Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn each session:

Part 1 – John Assaraf: The New Breakthrough Science of Weight Loss

  • Why every diet you’ve ever gone on has set you up to fail (And how to virtually guarantee your next weight loss attempt is the one that finally works)
  • The scientifically proven 3-step system for losing weight without willpower, discipline or stress

  • The surprisingly simple secret to eliminating your strongest cravings and urges. (When you master THIS, you’ll be able to turn your food cravings on and off like a light switch)
  • How to stop binge-eating once-and-for-all. (This works even when you’re stressed or tired… and especially well when you’re at a dinner or party with family & friends)

Part 2 – Susan Pierce Thompson: How To Overcome Your Hidden Food Addictions

  • The secret to eating healthy when you’re all out of willpower. Relying on your discipline and willpower is the fastest way to stress yourself out… try this simple technique instead

  • The two foods you MUST cut out if you want to start losing fat. In fact… once you cut out these two nasty foods, you can enjoy every other one of your favorite foods in moderation without sabotaging your weight loss efforts

  • The three most blatant warning signs of food addiction. You may have been struggling to lose weight all this time because your brain is chemically addicted to certain foods. Discover how to eliminate your ‘uncontrollable’ food addictions once and for all
  • The real reason why 99% of people who go on diets fail… and how the 1% of dieters who DO succeed keep their weight off long term

Part 3 – JJ Virgin: Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts, Finally Get Thin, and Maintain Your New Body for Life!

  • How to feel good about yourself and stay super-motivated when trying to lose weight, even if people around you don’t support you or want to see you succeed
  • Why setting huge goals is a HORRIBLE weight loss strategy. (Hint: it leads to automatic failure 99% of the time. Here’s what to focus on instead that will take all the frustration out of weight loss)
  • Why losing weight the “traditional” way can kill your feelings of intimacy and destroy your relationships. (Not even 1 out of 100 women – or men – understand the startling amount of tension an old school “diet” can cause)
  • How to make maintaining your goal weight effortless. Most people don’t have trouble losing weight… it’s just that they always seem to gain it back once they start eating “normal” again. JJ will share the biggest secret to maintaining your weight without ever having to worry about what you eat again

Part 4 – Ari Whitten: Break Free from the Yo-Yo Syndrome and Finally Maintain Your Optimum Weight

  • The secret to staying lean for the rest of your life, even if you have bad genetics, chemical imbalances or health issues. (You’ll never have to buy another “diet” book or program again)
  • Why starving yourself with diets makes you think it’s working initially, but actually makes you pile on more body fat around your midsection (Plus, discover what you should be focusing on instead to lose weight and maintain your new body)
  • How to switch your slow metabolism from stubborn, “starvation” mode to lightning-quick, “fat-burning” mode. (You’ll also find out why focusing on “calories in, calories out” can permanently cripple your ability to lose weight in the future)
  • How to train your metabolism to automatically carry less fat on your body. (This is the easy way to lower your ‘body fat set point’)

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