Who Is Your Guardian Angel? Myers-briggs Personality Test

Who Is Your Guardian Angel? Myers-briggs Personality Test

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If you seek guidance and insights into the pastpresent, and future

with questions about love, relationships, or money

– connect with your Angel today

Archangel Raguel is a being most associated with aspects such as order, harmony, justice, and equality.

His heavenly role is one of mediation and management of the relationships that angels and humans share.

As the angel of harmony, Raguel helps guide those he watches over towards the most peaceful and effective solution to conflicts that arise in life.

Archangel Uriel‘s ability to guide and enlighten makes him one of the most sought after Archangels for those who are searching for answers.

The answers he provides often come as sudden thoughts, epiphanies, or ideas that just seem to slip into your mind.

In a way, he illuminates your mind with his unfathomable insight and guides you to the solution of any problem you may be facing.

Archangel Jophiel is considered to be an archangel of judgment, one who watches over mankind and encourages beauty, and its preservation, in all aspects of life.

Jophiel watches over those born under her brilliant wings and grants them unique beauty that can be seen in mind, body, and soul.

She can guide and inspire creativity, which is another trait common to those who have her as a Guardian Angel.

” Your guardian angel is there all the time, waiting and hoping for you to start to listen to it. 

It has in fact, been touching you all along, willing you to realise that it is there.

As you read this, acknowledge the fact that there is an angel by your side”

– Lorna Byrne, #1 International Bestselling Author and Peace Ambassador

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