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The Horse Race Predictor

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“This is just a brief introduction as to how and why I am here and doing this.

13 years ago, my wife suffered with a severe illness which forced me to change my job from a Commercial Mortgage Manager with a Bank (I loved that job) to a Postman! (Because the hours were less allowing me more time at home.) As you can imagine, my salary dropped quite a lot and we also lost out on my wife’s income. Last year, because of all these years of stress, I had to leave my job on health grounds. Income hammered!

I have spent YEARS and a LOT of hard earned money looking at ways to increase our income. I bought courses on betting, Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, Alibaba, Book Selling. I even paid for a course on “How To Win The Lottery”. Can you believe it? Every one of these was going to be the answer. Guess what the result was? Yea, absolutely NOTHING. Well, if you take into account the cost of these courses, along with the cost of starting them, I lost a load of money.

A few years ago, one of the courses I paid for was by a old school bloke. His software was brilliant, but I am a total “non horse person” so never really had the confidence in myself or the discipline needed to follow it through. More money gone.

Then, a few months ago, I received an email from a bloke called Gav Summerhill.

I must point out that horse racing bored me rigid. I didn’t like it I didn’t know anything about it, apart from my annual bet on the Grand National. I didn’t know the difference between a filly and, whatever the other is called. I’m still not a horse racing person. Obviously, I knew a few of the top jockeys and trainers names. I also knew of races like Cheltenham, Aintree etc. But that was about it. (I even removed the Horse Racing Channel from my Virgin box because I never ever watched it. It simply did not appeal.

There was one thing though about horse racing that DID appeal: I knew some people were making a fortune betting on the races. It was however, betting on something that I knew nothing about and didn’t want to learn about.

I read Gav’s email and it was about something called The Horse Racing Predictor. “Not another scheme” I thought, but I clicked the link anyway.

They had an offer which I took up as it really did look good. The software they were using was awesome. But I didn’t know how to use it properly. Terms like “Dutching” and “Double Bubble” simply flew over my head. So, my trial soon ended. I then paid for a full month thinking I was going to make a stack of money – but I didn’t. I didn’t know what I was doing so lost interest as well as my money on the subscription. Subscription cancelled, more money gone. Here we go again.

Then, I got another email from Gav Summerhill saying that they had listened to a lot of people and what these people were asking for was simply a pick of the best horses with a great chance of winning. Or at least Placing in the top 2, 3 or 4, which should give a nice return for not a lot of work. THAT is what I was looking for as well.

I paid for the subscription for the “One Bet A Day” system, which soon had “The Tripler” system added. That was JUST what I was looking for. Then, when I actually read the Home Page, there was something called the “Tripler Place Ratchet System.”

Now, I do all 3: I play the One Bet A Day, Tripler and Tripler Place Ratchet systems. This takes me about 10 minutes to set up in the morning.


My initial thoughts were that these Gurus were making a ton of money. I knew I wasn’t in their league, but my thoughts were along the lines of: If I had £100 in the Bank, I would receive £1 back after a year – IF I’M LUCKY!. If I could make a percent or two a DAY, that would be all I was looking for.

I started with a Bank of £100 (I know, it’s not an earth shattering amount) but after a few weeks, my Bank grew to well over £200. I appreciate this isn’t in the same league as these Gurus, but it was a Hell of a lot better than a quid in a year!

For the first time, I can actually look forward to a rather decent Bank amount after a year. There will be (and have been) days when I have lost. I know they can’t predict winners on every race. But, I also know that the Law of Averages, combined with faith in their software, I will be up in the long run.

So as not to bore you with a really long piece of script, I will put together details of what I do every morning. I hope, if you come along on this journey with me, you too will be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Especially for those people like me who STILL hasn’t got the faintest idea of horses, form, conditions, handicaps, Grades, chases etc. (That to me still goes right over my head!)” – Dr. Rob

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