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The Complete Trainers Toolbox

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  • Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, has been in the fitness industry since 2002 starting as a personal trainer in corporate fitness in addition to several commercial gyms. He helped co-found Cressey Sports Performance in 2007 where he served as a strength & conditioning coach (and resident EDM connoisseur) until 2015.

    He now owns and operates a small training studio in Brookline, MA called CORE. He’s a regular contributor to reputable publications such as,, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and the He also maintains a popular blog on his website

    He lives in Boston with his wife Lisa, toddler Julian, and cat Dagny.

  • Meghan Callaway is a strength coach in Vancouver, Canada with over 15 years of experience coaching a wide array of clients from elite athletes, to post-physical therapy rehabilitative strength training, as well as everyday people who want to feel, perform, and function at a higher level.

    Meghan is the creator of the Ultimate Pull-Up Program, and believes that working out should be fun, mentally and physically rewarding, and empowering. Her pull-up program is currently being followed by over 2000 women and men from over 60 countries worldwide.

    Meghan has an extensive athletic background and has played competitive soccer for 27 years, and also grew up playing ice hockey and baseball on boy’s teams.

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