Teens Happiness And Online Safety Blueprint

Teens Happiness And Online Safety Blueprint

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During these uncertain times with the Corona Virus pandemic and families

in quarantine to avoid exposure, it’s no wonder that most of us spend more 

time on our devices than anything else.  Right?

That’s totally understandable!

So with the Corona virus dilemma aside, what concerns me the most is how our 

Teens are

no longer experiencing real traditional childhood

and, instead, they are

 stuck online interacting with the whole world!

Whilst this may have some benefits, this also means they are missing out in a lot of 

developmental opportunities that we as parents got to experience as children.

This is really BAD news!

The sad truth is that this makes them so vulnerable and makes them targets to 

predators of all kinds.

Cyber Bullying, gaming addiction (and the rest) is no laughing matter!

 And you agree that their attitude can turn ugly when they are challenged about it?

The good news is that there are quick wins to reduce screen time.

If it was already bad before this crisis, then it’s only going to get worse as 

your child spends more time indoors and, ultimately, interacting online.

Gone are the days where the parent’s worst nightmares about their children and 

tweens was catching them smoking behind their parent’s backs or illegally drinking

alcohol at parties and getting into fights.

But did you know that gaming addiction and cyberbulling is just as real, and if not,  

just as bad?

Not only is this addiction to the online world a problem, it makes children, 

tweens and teens much more vulnerable to predators who pose as others of 

their own age group and can keep this up for weeks and months before they strike!

And let’s not get started with uncensored photos … could they be circulating around

the internet and dark web?

If you do nothing, this will continue and who knows how bad your child and

home life could get?

It hurts really bad

, but think about how much your child is going through?

Sadly, we see cases like this every day.

You know they keep very ‘secretive’ about what they do online, right?

 Well the GOOD NEWS is that this is totally workable.

See for yourself these success stories on have many children, especially teens,

have made a complete U-turn on being a victim of online abuse.

This has helped ease depression for many young lives and has resulted in

Win-win situation for al, without getting into deadlock.

Did you know that


of teens on social media have

ignored bullying


they’ve seen it, and one-third have been victims themselves?

If this hasn’t hit home, I don’t know what will before it becomes uncontrollable!

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