Rds Physique Building -75% Commish: Converts Like Gangbusters

Rds Physique Building -75% Commish: Converts Like Gangbusters

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Discover how a 135lb skinny-fat, low-self esteem guy came across the power of Physique Building secrets that gave him slabs of rock-hard muscle naturally
, and is now putting Greek god statues like Hercules to shame.

Dear reader,

Does this sound like a crazy, yet impossible claim?

Yet surprisingly enough…the exact tactics to achieve this insane, Greek god-like physique can be found on this very page.

TWO recent discoveries have lead us to the most optimal way to pack on rock-hard muscle, while doing so in an unconventional yet mind-blowing way.

Sculpting and preserving the beauty of the human body, to look as Hercules did carved from stone back in 400 b.c….

So if I told you this skinny-fat, average looking guy gained 30lbs of solid rock-hard muscle, sculpting a Spartan warrior-like physique that Greek gods themselves would rival, all while:

Simultaneously shredding unwanted fat…

Boosting strength and testosterone levels…

Eating foods like pizza, pasta, ice cream and peanut butter…
Making massive improvements to his physique, giving him neck-turning results- sleeve-ripping biceps, triceps, pecs and a set of steel-like six-pack abs
that only those instagram fitness dudes with hundreds of thousand of followers have…

WITHOUT the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs (oh and with little to zero cardio).

Would you believe me?

Truth is, these secrets are responsible for building a god-like physique that millions have dreamed and searched for, yet countless have failed to achieve…

But Like Millions Out There

Drowning In A Sea Of Fitness Information…I Fell Into The Trap Of Conventional ‘Dieting’ & Exercise…Getting Me Nowhere

Before I dive into the two mind-blowing discoveries that changed the way I saw fitness forever, let me first introduce myself…

Hey. I’m Dean (the former skinny-fat guy, and the guy you see in all these pictures here).

For a whole decade, I spent my life in confusion with diet and over-fatigued from exercise. I sacrificed my self-confidence and my relationships with food and friends.

Ever since I can remember, I had always wanted to take myself to new hights.

All I ever wanted was to be the hero of my own story…

Deep down, I wanted to reach the core of who I was and bring it to the surface for the world to see…and now, I’ve finally done it.

But for years…this core was silenced by the opinions of others along with my very own limiting beliefs.

Fear of not fitting in…and fear of being thought of as a fitness-freak is what shackled me inside a world which was considered ’normal’. I was inhibited.

That core, the essence of who I wanted to be was the highest, most powerful version of myself- a truly uninhibited, relentles version of ‘me’, conquering each goal I set my sights on.

But how was I to do this?

It was simple…

I’d crystalize the deepest purpose of my relentless alter-ego through my physical body….

To be the best version of myself meant to be as physically fit, as physically aesthetic as I could be…

I’d be the guy who pushed his limits, validating all those hours of grinding and all the mind-numbingly bland meals eaten for the sake of aesthetic muscle…

I gave it my all

Naively misguided by the mountain of information that was available to me at the time.

Only to find myself in a worse off situation than when I first started…

Finding the right information to build upon my ultimate vision was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

In Fact, I was Going About Training

And Dieting In A Total SUBOPTIMAL Way…
Recent Scientific Studies Are What Shook

My Beliefs Of ‘Conventional Fitness Wisdom’1,2

I was fed up with 1) a self-defeating mindset along with the self-limiting beliefs that came with it,
and 2) the lack of results I was getting from the hours of ‘work’ I was putting in the gym.

You see, it wasn’t until years later that I discovered I was actually going about training the wrong way…

Don’t even get me started on my old dieting philosophy…all the ‘hours of work’ I was putting in were actually getting me fatter and extremely exhausted

My performance in bed AND everywhere else began to suffer. I felt my precious testosterone levels dropping as I piled on the fat.

I had caged myself with the principles of conventional training and dieting, becoming a slave to boring foods and resenting fitness as a whole.

I was far from being free.

Far from the idea of being the best, most uninhibited version of myself.

My FAILED attempts of bulking up and adding LEAN MUSCLE:

Felt suffocated from confusion with nutrition and dieting information

Felt stressed and worried about eating BORING foods every 2 or 3 hours

Yo-yo dieting, unable to keep a ‘healthy eating’ lifestyle. I would often binge for ‘gains’

Falling apart from a sub-optimal training program, I felt like a weight-lifting zombie

Totally confused as to why I wasn’t seeing results I wanted. What was I doing wrong?

When I sat down I felt my fat rolls pile up. I was fluffy, pudgy and depressed

Trapped in a skinny fat body, always being mocked! I overbulked, disregarding key strategies.

I hated not seeing what I wanted everytime I took my shirt off and looked into the mirror.

Ultimately…I Was Doing This For The

Wrong Reason. I Lived In Fear Of What ‘They’ Might Think If I Remained An Average Skinny-Fat Weakling Or Even Being Seen As An ‘Obsessed’ Freak

I hated the idea of being average if I took no action, or considered a freak if I went all in.

Either way, I was damned if I was an obsessed freak, and damned if I wasn’t.

Truth is, I’d think way too often about the opinions of others…

The idea of staying average brought me to commit myself to becoming a better version of myself, whether I became a freak or not.

So, I chose my path…I became that guy that who was totally obssessed and committed.

From there on out, I had a new purpose in life.

When these ‘naysayers’ would blurt out:


I used it as fuel for my passion.

One day, I thought, they’d have to eat their own words.

I was tired of having a mediocre body…not even worthy of a second-glance from the opposite sex.

I was fed up with spending hours and hours in the gym and not being and seeing who I wanted to be.

Countless times I’d enter the gym to see that one guy who had done it, to what I had thought, achieved this ‘peak physique’.

He was the dominant alpha…seeing him go up to the dumbbell rack and grab his pair of weights with authority, like they were his and had always been his…like he’d owned them forever.

I looked at my own reflection immediately after looking his way…only to find myself disappointed with the few gains I had made over the months…

Wanting to be that guy, I trained even harder…or so I thought. Throwing energy around without a strategy got me spinning my wheels.

“What the hell is he eating?…how the hell is he training??”

I knew there were alternatives to taking this route faster.

The route towards physical perfection.

I had decided that taking steroids or performance enhanced drugs wasn’t one of them.

Diebetes and health risks run in my family, I wasn’t about to risk my health for an easy way out.

If I could reach my peak physique and manifest my inner-hero outwardly, to wear it as an expression through my physical body, naturally, then it was a pursuing worth going for.

I Got Fed Up With Feeling Like A Zombie…Getting Nowhere

I Was A ‘VICTIM‘ Of Conventional Fitness Approaches

Until I Discovered The Power Of Physique Building:

I began to research for hours, days, nights, weeks and months on the optimal way of creating an insanely aeshetic body, naturally.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks…I finally came across a fascinating and highly controversial dieting tactic…
It was used throughout the career of an elite Olympian athlete from the early 80’s.
He used this tactic strategically and waged psychological warfare against his competitors.

While they would be agonizing over their diets, he methodically enjoyed an ice-cream in front of their faces just minutes before stepping on stage…
This was of one of the most prestigious bodybuilding shows in the world…and he ended up victorious.

The discoveries I made changed my life.

I combined this strategic dieting tactic, the “secret sauce”, with the revolutionary approach to training I had discovered through hours upon hours of extensive article research and put them to the test.

My strength began to sky-rocket each WEEK, the feeling of testosterone was oozing through my veins.
My pumps during each workout felt otherworldly, like my muscles were constantly engorged with blood, and that feel-good sensation was undeniablely strong.

POUNDS of muscle had been slapped on while sleeves were ripping left and right from bicep and tricep growth.

I Achieved What Millions In Fitness Thought Was IMPOSSIBLE,
So Now When I Look Into The Mirror, This Is What I See:

Remember that guy I mentioned earlier?

The guy who looked like he just owned the gym, like he had all the confidence in the world…

Yeah…I was now that guy.

Its crazy. I couldn’t believe it myself…but it felt so right!

I thought it would take a life time to cultivate this kind of confidence.

My mindset had totally shifted from a victim mindset… to a champion mindset…its like I was someone totally different.

I now saw things in a world of possibilities, endless possibilities.

No task would ever be too great…

Thanks to the the discoveries I had made and cultivated, the inner metamorphosis and mindset shift were the greatest ‘gains’ I’ve ever made.

Without this mindset shift, the dormant physique that laid underneath the layers of my skinny-fat and excuse-making self would never have came to be.

Thats the thing…most people out there will never know what kind of godly physiques they’re truly capable of having…ever, unless they miraculously come across these discoveries.

You see, now when I go up to the dumbbell rack and take a good look at myself in the mirror…

I see beyond the veins, the bulging biceps and sleeve-slaying triceps.

I see past the sculpted upper chest and freakishly forged forearms crushing the weights in my hands…


I see accomplishment and satisfaction.

No longer do I see a frustrated, skinny fat, self-defeated guy anymore.

The awareness, the drive, the cultivation of a relentless goal-striving mental outook is what I truly pride myself in.

And I promise you…its the best feeling in the world.

How I Turned My Life Around And

Became A

Spartan Warrior

Of The21st Century…

Wihout Steroids



Revealed On This Page

Thanks to an 80’s Olympian athlete, I came across the very 1st discovery…

The secret dieting tactic that Mike Mentzer used to get a perfect score while waging psychological warfar against his competitors using ice cream…

You must be thinking:

”Wait a minute…to still be able to eat foods I love while getting shredded, getting a rock-hard body like Hercules without using performance enhancing drugs…all while doing zero to NO cardio? Whats the catch??”
To that I say…it only gets better, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Before I dive deep into the 2nd discovery that blew me away, let me first go in a little deeper on discovery #1.

You see…
Ever since I can remember, I had always wanted to take myself to new hights.
I remember studying Greek Mythology in grade-school and thinking to myself what it would feel like to be one of these statues carved from stone…
So, I went forward and did my best to achieve this ‘carved from stone’ look, using conventional fitness knowledge.

However…not only did the conventional approach to dieting, ‘eating clean’, and training add on pounds of unnecessary, testosterone-killing fat, I was left with the unwanted, typical puffy bodybuilder look.

The exact opposite of what I was actually trying to achieve- the body of a modern-day Spartan Warrior!

I was completely overwhelmed with dieting and exercise approaches.
I began to think that anyone who had looked decently ‘aesthetic’ had to be on some kind of juice, totally discrediting their hard work…

What a terrible mind-state to be in!

So I dove into deeper research until I discovered Mike Mentzer and his ‘outlandish’ approach to dieting.

I took Mike’s revolutionary and highly controversial dieting technique and made some minor tweaks.

I Had Discovered The Formula That Was Absolutely Necessary To Eat As He Did- With Absolute Freedom

You see, this specific formula allows for each of us to individualize our own dietary needs while being able to eat like a KING…throwing any and ALL cookie-cutter type dieting out of the window!

Eat like a king. Get shredded. Add lean-muscle. Discovering this formula was like finding a huge pot of gold!

Without this formula, you can pretty much say goodbye to freedom and say hello to BORING foods every 2-3 hours.

Say goodbye to ice-cream and say hello to boiled, dry chicken breasts. Yuck!

This dietary formula is the backbone to Physique Building, and it resides within the pages of the Physique Building program.

Awesomely enough, when I refined Mike’s approach to dieting, I was able to do so in such a way where I DIDNT NEED TO INCORPORATE ANY CARDIO into my lifestyle.

Thats right.

Zero cardio.



If cardio is something you actually enjoy, then by all means, go right on ahead…

But like many of us out there with busy schedules, who has time for 7 hours of cardio a week?

Only a few of the ‘enlightened elites’ in the fitness world have actually discovered how to get totally shredded without wasting precious hours doing cardio…very few.

But now, I’m giving all those tactics and secrets of the enlightened elites away.

Why? The world would be such a better place if people didn’t have to spend (or rely on) an entire eternity running on a treadmill (which robs them of their testosterone), while they try and convince themselves that what their doing is necessary to get shredded.

Its not!

These discoveries and tactics had worked so well, they left me in disbelief.

But shockingly enough…

THEY WORKED SO WELL that people were literally

convinced I was taking steroids!

And I don’t blame them…

This unique cocktail of training and dieting I came across was IT.

Like a two-sided coin, both of these tactics worked synergistically in
creating one of the most controversial physiques in the fitness world today.

So controversial that I’ve been blamed countless
times that I used performance enhancing drugs to get to where I’m at today.

Heck, I don’t blame the ‘naysayers’, the ‘non believers’…
You wanna know why?-

The results were THAT FREAKY!

I must warn you first.

In applying the tactics I learned from these mindblowing discoveries, I experienced these ‘phenomena’ regularly:

A substantial boost in self confidence…

Being approached at the gym ALL of the time, getting asked what I eat and what kind of training I do…

Running into old friends at grocery stores and hearing them exclaim in disbelief: “DUDE YOU ARE JACKED!”

And my personal favorite…recieving messages and comments like this guy here, so absolutely convinced that I am infact on steroids…lol!

“There’s no way that you can look that good naturally!”

These are the words of the non-believers and naysayers

(DRUG RESULTS: I was tested positive…for CREATINE!)

These are the remarks I hear pretty much on a daily basis…

So in regards to the warning I gave earlier, if you won’t be able to take all of this pressure, all of the recognition and the doubts that come with it…

Then these discoveries and tactics are probably not for you…sorry to say.

To really drive the point home… after I made these life-changing discoveries, I had to go out and actually PROVE I was natural.

What better way to prove my natural status than to compete in a natural bodybuilding show?
What you see in these images are the results of my drug-test after my show (keep in mind that ALL competitors must pass a polygraph aka lie-detector test, too!).

I ended up taking 1st place overall and became a pro that night.

After Years Of Research, I Discovered The BEST

Way To BUILD An Aesthetic Body Zeus Himself Would Rival

I Was Able To Eat Foods I Loved,
Acquire Sleeve-Splitting Arms, And Carve A Rock-Hard Muscular Body From Using These Tactics…

Fortunately In 2016, I Had Reached Nearly 1 MILLION PEOPLE

So I HAD to spread the power of Physique Building…It’d be a shame not to.

My post literally reached near 3/4 of a million people in less than a few days. It was INSANE.
The fiasco had tons of offers sent my way…lots of which I TURNED DOWN- supplement brands of all sorts, partnerships, etc.
Nevertheless, I stayed true to the blueprint of Physique Building and the discoveries I incorporated in it.

This was it.

This was my chance to make a massive contribution to the world and do away with all the lies about conventional dieting and training.

To impact thousands of people on a journey to bettering themselves.

If I could redeem years of hardship, misery and failure and literally give all the answers to building a jaw-dropping physique, then I would without a doubt.

This was my new sense of purpose.

So I got to work.

I spent hours upon hours compiling all of my best kept ‘secrets’ and ‘tactics’ along with the 2 monumental discoveries I made.


The world asked and I delivered.

Thus, Physique Building was born.

What exactly is it?

Physique Building is the most optimized, strategic yet flexible program geared toward building one of the most incredible physiques you can possibly dream of.

The discoveries, secrets and tactics I’ve come to know, love and learn over the past decade have all been synthesized in this very program.

Physique Building functions on 2 main premises. That of dieting, and that of training.

This IS the blueprint for maximizing the perfect human body in every way, shape and form.

Now hold on…let me get one thing clear.

This isn’t steroids, nor will it have it’s out-of-this-world anabolic effects.

Few things come close to actual anabolic drugs, and for us natural lifters looking to supercharge our journey toward building the most aesthetically pleasing body to the eye, well then…Physique Building is the only program you’ll ever need.

It won’t happen overnight. Remember, this is the blueprint. All the answers, instructions and tools you need for your vision to finally take off and manifest into reality are finally here within this program.

HOWEVER, the secret ingredients are here. Its up to you to put in the work and take action.

I’d be lying if I told you that you can make this happen in a week.

This isn’t for the lazy, or for the excuse makers….if thats you, you should probably find another program that caters to those kinds of habits.


If you’re one of those few souls who truly have the desire to change the course of your life, for the better- to finally get some real, actionable knowledge, to finally experience freedom of choice with foods,
to increase your strength and endurance on a WEEKLY basis…and to transform an average, maybe even ‘lazy-looking’ body into a Spartan Warrior of the 21st century or a modern-day Hercules.

Then look no further…


Physique Building Is HANDS DOWN The BEST Program For Anyone Looking To Significantly Enhance Their Physique


Discovery #2 That Adds On

Slabs Of Muscle And Increases Strength Weekly

The principles for my exercise philosophy can be applied by beginners AND hardcore, pro-level athletes.

You’ll be progressively getting stronger week by week. Taking notes as you go, seeing your progress as you look in the mirror.

Don’t be surprised when you see and feel newly found raw and dynamic strength pumping in your own hands and in your clenched fists.

Within The Physique Building “M1” Training Program:

M1 Training Has The Power To Sculpt

Sleeve-Slaying Biceps And Triceps, Rock Hard Abs,

Powerful Piston-Like Legs, A Gorilla-Like Chest And A Back Carved From Stone

Its crazy what a little bit of innovation and action can do.

Fat started to get stripped away and my strength began to rise after a mere few weeks of M1.

The gains were so noticeable that when I looked at my shirtless self in the mirror…my bulging and pulsating veins looked 3D, as though they were constantly surging testosterone throughout my body. I could feel the strength well-up in my hands.

I had begun the process of sculpting an incredible body, this time with the blueprint of Physique Building in the palm of my hands.

M1 was designed by science and years of personal experience on the table.

How so? What’s special about M1 isnt only the hypertrophy-style that’s scientifically proven to raise the roof on your testosterone levels and sculpt rock-hard muscle (3), but in the way it’s methodically structured and designed throughout the duration of the program.

Scientific Literature Has Proven:

RDS ‘M1’ Style Of Training Supercharges Testosterone Levels4

The fountain of youth is here…

The secret actually lies within the layout of the weekly program itself..the secret behind making weekly strength and muscle gains along with dropping fat…

You see, this type of training was done by some of the greatest physiques known to man and has now been proven by science to significantly increase testosterone AND grow muscle fibers (5).

It worked for them and it sure as hell blew my socks off as I saw it work for me, too.

Physique Building Is As Good As It Gets

Imagine having your testosterone levels spike on a weekly basis?

This was thought of as nearly impossible to do without the help of anabolic steroids for YEARS.

Now, however, this is achievable with the strategies that you apply that are found within Physique Building…which are totally geared for your success.

Most of the strategie within Physique Building, however, are so crucial yet most people miss out on them, leaving them lightyears behind. One of these key strategies is actually found within Physique Building, it’s staple within this program…

Ready to hear the secret?


It’s the Active Recovery Phase (6).

This Active Recovery Phase is crucial for muscular regeneration…and the way its specifically designed in Physique Building enables your muscles to regenerate themselves back to maximal output with its extremely strategic approach…

Allowing for you to continue training while others either quit or burn themselves out.

Without this strategic approach, you will pretty much kill your chances of making gains, leaving TONS of aesthetic muscle on the table, and quite possibly acquire OTS (over training syndrome, on page 35 of Physique Building: Pillars of Success)

Following tactics like Active Recovery was absolutely life changing…

After the first two weeks of being on the M1 training program, I started to notice insane pumps, increased strength and a total shift in mood.

Two weeks later, my arms had already grown near an inch in size.

And it didn’t stop here…

My legs became rock hard and I started seeing separation between my quadriceps.

My chest and back got wider and thicker, without the unwanted back-fat hanging off me, especially in my love handles.

The only downside out of all this is that now, all my shirts are way too tight on me…one sneeze while wearing one of these shirts and they’d probably rip.

Everything you need to know about creating a real, lasting, Hercules-like body lies within the pages of Physique Building.

The ancient philosopher


once said “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training.

It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable


This is your chance to:

Finally start building those rock-hard diamond calves from the exercises found on page 28-30

Sculpt hard, shredded quads and hamstrings that any Olympic sprinter would envy

Throw in a couple of thick, healthy veins onto your biceps and shoulders

Build, thicken and harden washboard abs of steel into a classic-tapered six-pack

Forge your arms into canons with 2-3 extra inches of dense, chiseled muscle (Bonus chapter)

This is the only program you’ll ever need.
The TRUTH behind building a god-like body lies within the pages of Physique Building

I started to get asked

“what the hell are you eating?”

from my peers as they were in disbelief after seeing my progress…

To which I replied “pizza and gummy bears”.

Usually I was thought of as crazy when I told people these dietary methods and training tactics.

These concepts completely went against everything they once thought was the absolute truth in fitness and ‘dieting’.

You see, most of the people who approached me that were looking for answers were stuck.

They had gone with the traditional non-strategic approaches to adding strength and size, which took them years of pain and confusion.

I could just feel their frustration…I was there once, too.

And unfortunately for some of these people, they feel as though they have totally run out of options.

They throw in the towel all together, calling it quits, or they do something that requires drastic measures. They take steroids.

Steroids provide the necessary anabolic muscle-bomb to make crazy gains at an exponential rate.

But that’s where I draw the line…From the beginning, I committed myself to this whole thing as a life-time drug-free athlete.

And I have a feeling that you’d also like to keep your body at optimal health-levels, too.

Now look…this program won’t do what steroids do…you won’t wake up the next day and look like Mike Mentzer or Arnold Schwarzenegger…

Nothing in the world, not even the most powerful cocktail can give you those kinds of over-night results.

Instead, you’ll be given something far greater with more value than you can think of.

You’ll be leaving the old, suboptimal ways of building an incredible physique (the methods and tactics that take way too long, that get you fat and enslave you with boring diets) and instead you’ll enter the cutting-edge realm of Physique Building.

These legends have delved into


Michael, USA:

“Wanted to share this with you. Starting January you were as kind as could be to share a little bit of nutrition advice.

After implementing your advice, adding more carbs and such, I have seen progress that I am very thankful for.

Thank you man, best wishes and be well. Keep inspiring.”

Danny, USA:

“Dude let me thank you right now for the 4 day plan because I feel amazing, so much more energized! Just that was worth the money bro!…Yeah man I lost a crap ton of weight and I’ve stabilized here for quite some time already!”


Get access to the secrets that all the natural bodybuilders and fitness influencers are using and stand head and shoulders above the next 99% of them in aesthetics, strength, power and confidence

How to maximize muscle stimulus for traffic-stopping muscular development and aesthetics

Finally understand why its safer to use free weights than machines and why the other MYTHS of muscle-building stop short of having you actually build a divine body

How the pros and fitness influencers are able to develop their aesthetic physiques naturally (in fact, with these methods, you’ll be on your way to create an even GREATER physique for yourself!)

How to use the simple dietary formula in Chapter 4 to explode your gains without feeling any guilt in regards to food…no mater what level of fitness you’re currently at. (For example, you’d be amazed at by just applying the method that Mike Mentzer used that got him jacked and shredded with ice cream can get you there, too!)

Why doing THIS can actually HURT your testosterone production and KILL your gains. (And the faster, easier and more satisfying thing you can do instead.) page 4

What, how and when to eat for maximum gains and maximum pleasure

How to master the magic of building an aesthetic body, and why its more of an enjoyable art than a chore
Are barbells the most effective tools for strength training? Find out on page 14

How to program specific exercises on page 38 into the most effective training program for long-term progress if you’re a beginner or experienced

How these muscle-optimized techniques can squeeze more horsepower out of your body-engine and actually supercharge your progress- found in Chapter 2 & 3

The little-known reason why cookie-cutter diets are actually bad for you (cookie-cutter diets are a healthy way to get your meals in…or are they? Find out why they are robbing you of gains, energy and freedom and actually making you fat on page 25)

The one kind of training that is more dangerous to your Central Nervous System…than it is to your muscles (There’s actually a ‘syndrome’ name for this type of training!)

A scientifically proven way to transform your frustration with muscular plateaus into self-sustaining gains even after you think you’ve ‘done it all’

The one exercise program you’ll ever need that will have your biceps and triceps bursting the sleeves off of your shirt (Bonus section)

Understand why the optimal way to build muscle isn’t always to: rely totally on supersets, drop sets, triple sets… and what you should do instead

The ultimate formula for both training AND eating guaranteed and scientifically proven to add strength and size all while doing so in a fun and enjoyable process…who said building a godly physique had to be a chore or even boring? (This may have been the case about 10 years ago but times have changed)

What you NEED TO KNOW about eating every 2-3 hours that will change your view on ‘dieting’ forever, page 29

How much FAT you should REALLY be eating every single day, otherwise you KILL your chances of making gains and may even produce LESS TESTOSTERONE

Stuck with fat loss? Try doing this on page 18!

The BIGGEST muscle building myths and mistakes in the fitness industry that keep guys small, weak, overweight, skinny-fat and frustrated.

The ultimate approach to getting stronger by the week without having to rely on an in-gym personal trainer and their schedule, saving you hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars each year.

How to keep building muscle and lose fat simultaneously and actually get healthier eating foods you love while never feeling starved, deprived, or like you’re ‘on a diet’.

This simple law of muscular growth, when applied, will literally force your body to the adaptive threshold, making your muscles grow bigger and stronger

How to get shredded while still indulging in the “cheat foods” that you love like pasta, pizza, ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate every single day (If thats what you want)

Become the master of your very own “inner game of fitness” and cultivate the self discipline, willpower, and mental fortitude it takes to truly build the body of your dreams (all while enjoying the process!)

The biggest diet lie that you’ve been told (and probably believe) that makes losing fat and gaining muscle way harder than it really is.

Find out why ‘clean eating’ is overrated and guarantees pretty much nothing when it comes down to losing fat and building muscle…and what you should do instead

Finally know exactly how to get shredded (down to 6 or 7% body fat) without loosing all your hard-earned muscles, sanity and without spending an eternity on the treadmill.

Physique Building is going to teach you something in chapter 2 that most people will never know in their entire lives

The exact methods of diet and training I’ve used that make slapping on 10, 15 or 30 pounds of lean muscle a breeze (You might even get accused of taking P.E.D’s!)

Correcting the #1 worst mistake you can make with your elbows and shoulders when benching. (Even if you do everything else “right”, your arms will fall off if you make this common mistake nobody talks about.)

Reverse the mindset and philosophy that will destroy your chances of making any progress inside and outside of the gym – even if no one else tells you about it! (When I stopped playing this mental record in my head – that 99% of people usually have in regards to chasing any goal – the opportunities and ‘good coincidences’ shot through the roof)

Physique Building is THE all-in-one training and dieting program that delivers MAXIMUM results for your efforts, helping you build sleeve-slaying arms, a gorilla-like chest, a thick and wide v-tapered back, powerful piston-pumping set of sculpted legs…while doing workouts and eating foods that energize you, not wipe you out

If you’re looking to build muscle, get shredded, and have a jaw-dropping physique as quickly as possible without the use of steroids, relying on good genetics, or wasting years in the gym and your hard-earned money on supplements…regardless of your age…then all of your answers are in this program

…and a whole lot more!

These are just a few of the benefits of Physique Building listed out.

There are way too many to put here on this page…but I think you’ll understand the value of the program once you dive into it and start applying the secrets and tactics mentioned inside that so few people have actually discovered.

Here are the components that make up the supreme program of Physique Building:

Bonus: Pillars of Success (Value: $21)

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your own Physique Building journey or coming from a little bit more experience,
Pillars of Success gives you clear guidelines on how to MAXIMIZE your training and diet while building the ultimate physique.

This is something I WISH I had in my arsenal in the beginning of my own journey, as it answers all of the questions that took me a decade to answer…

Forget about spending hours of research looking for the answers, the do’s and don’ts when it comes down to building quality muscle.
Pillars of Success does exactly what is inscribed in its title…it sets you up for monumental success.

“What should I do to build a physique?”

“How often should I train?”

“What are the BEST workouts?”

“What and how much should I eat?”

“Why am I getting fat?”

Learn about the best way to add some serious size to your frame and develop a
champion mindset so you can continue to make progress for the rest of your days (this knowledge is often left out in most programs,
and it happens to be one of the most important aspects in any program or endeavor.) Finally discover the best kept secrets, strategies and approaches that no one ever talks about but everyone needs to know about.

Pillars of Success is valued at $21, but today I’m throwing it in for free with the Physique Building Program.

Physique Building: Food & Diet (Value: $27)

Within Food & Diet, you’ll understand the necessary dietary approaches for a total body transformatoin and all of the necessary elements that fall into place when building an insane physique.

You’ll get access to the dietary formula for getting shredded or gaining rock hard muscle while on a lean bulk, eating foods you love.
Understand the truth behind conventional dieting and know all the essentials about nutrition for maximal muscle growth and minimal fat gain. Wondering how you see all of those fitness influencers, pros, or even guys at your gym walking around so shredded?
All of the answers are here in this guide for attaining a 6-7% body fat, aesthetic-looking body…which were and still are the exact tactics and methods I used to get down to single-digit body fat.
Making this easily the only guide you’ll need.

Start enjoying your life and the foods you love without losing your sanity…build dense, solid, chiseled muscle in an enjoyable way.

Physique Building: Beyond the Barbell (Value: $27)

Beyond the Barbell is finally here.
For years and years, I’ have always been asked what supplements I recommended best or which ones I personally take.
Let me just tell you that its not the supplement that shapes and makes a champion physique…a physique that drops haws and turns heads…it’s the mindset of a champion that forges the phenomenal physique.

Once you’ve got this mindset down, then supplements will only enhance your journey and take you to your destination even quicker while feeling like a million bucks, better than you ever have.
But I’ve got good news for you…this whole champion mindset can be cultivated through reading Physique Building and applying it’s methods and techniques.

It’s all here.

Discover how to take your mind and body to new heights on the very last page, and how you’ll never think twice before taking these cognitive-enhancing supplements again.
A sharp mind builds a strong body…millions are totally unaware of applying this concept to their daily lives and fail to realize this life changing idea!

Beyond the Barbell shows you the necessary supplements that will keep you energized through your workouts, along with the other muscle-boosting supplements give you focus, clarity, strength AND size…all of which are clean and natural.

Bonus: M1 Training Program (Value: $21)

The M1 training program, known for it’s cutting-edge training protocols that adds slabs of muscle to your physique. The training protocols within M1 are carefully and methodically designed to boost your testosterone levels, increase the size of muscle fibers and add strength to your lifts.

Simply follow the carfuly crafted exercise regimen that’s laid out for you and start building a rock-hard body that will turn heads.

Build those arms into forged cannons, develop thick and powerful legs, widen and strengthen your chest and back while adding dimension…this IS the program for building a stellar physique from head to toe.
Discover the key to continual success, Active Recovery Phase, that makes or breaks all high-performing athletes, and why its absolutely
necessary that you understand this component too.

This isn’t your typical ‘workout’ routine that caters to the masses. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re in the wrong place.
M1 is a marriage between science and innovation, giving you all the practical tools and infrastructure you need while leaving out the fluff.
Still curious as to how you can add that 3-dimensional look to your frame? This is it.

Finally, no more guessing about programs, routines, exercises or any of that stuff.
Start feeling and being in the body you were supposed to have. It all begins here.

Bonus: Interactive Table of Contents (Value: $19)

Physique Building is comprised of many chapters and sections that you’ll want to revisit to really get the most out of it all.

Let’s face it…scrolling constantly to that one section you’re specifically looking for can be tedious and somewhat annoying…I know because it happens to me all of the time.

Instead, I’ve infused an ingenious interactive table of contents in the beginning of each guide…so if you’re looking for a chapter or section you’d like to revisit, all it takes is a quick tap that jumps you to that section.

Saving you time and endless scrolling.

Finally get to your answers within a blink of an eye, or scroll, if thats what you prefer…either way, the interactive table of contents feature is a life-saver!

e-Mail Support (Value: $279)

The number one reason most people fail with their goals is because they aren’t accountable to anyone!

Accountability and having someone in your corner of the ring has been known to double success rates.

That’s what I’m here to provide…I’m here to help you transform your body into that of a modern spartan warrior of the 21st century…
So I’m opening up my email platform to provide you with weekly tips and advice you need for your own Physique Building journey of success.

Ready To Become The Person You’ve Always Wanted To


Its painstakingly simple- the opportunity to totally change your perspective on fitness and building an insanely aesthetic body for only a few bucks.

Before I synthesized all of this information inside the pages of Physique Building,
I’d have people come to me from all walks of life offering me anywhere from $400-600 a month just so that they can know all the ‘secrets’ I knew,
eat all the things I ate and trained exactly how I would.

It began to get overwhelming…so now I’m taking this invaluable information and making it public to the world for the first time ever.

Thing is, my ultimate purpose is to make such a tremendous impact with the discoveries inside of Physique Building…

I’m on a mission to gather 150 testimonial and transformation stories. This is what I live for…to see my passion manifest itself into something that has truly brought some light into this world-
If I can help morph your physique into one that the gods themselves would rival through the power of the Physique Building program, then I’ve served my purpose well.

Just keep in mind, this price tag wont be sticking around forever.

Instead of dishing out a $400 price tag from all the added value,
I’m significantly slashing this price by nearly 95% for a very limited-time offer that stands before you today of only $37

After this deal ends, I’m bumping the price up!

Leo, Canada:

Sculpt Your Physique, Boost Your Strength, Get Shredded, Add Lean Muscle, Break FREE From The Norm Or Your Money Back

Lets face it, the road to mastery and achievement can be confusing…building muscle in an aesthetic way has caused frustration, injury, and even unnecessary weight
gain to millions who’ve strived for a better body…or worse yet, years wasted and not a single pound of muscle gained!

If you’re still here, looking for answers…then I can totally understand your struggles that take place on a daily basis…

And if you’re stuck in the mindset where you NEED to eat every 2-3 hours, then I should say on an ‘hourly basis’.

I’m willing to bet you’re looking for answers to break free from these nonsense standards that you’ve been fed.
And hey, I don’t blame you. I was once there too. You’re looking to switch gears and become the hero of your very own story…grow some muscle, a lot of muscle, going from average to awesome.

Look…this program is IT.

I’m so confident that your outlook on fitness will totally change for good, and that you’ll be making gains, seeing
results and breaking FREE from the norm that I’m putting the RDS Promise Badge on the line.

I want to give you 60 days to embark on your new Physique Building journey, the journey of freedom and tangible results.

If you’re not happy with that; your newly found outlook on food, your freedom from the traditional, suboptimal approach to sculpting a
lean and god-like body….then I’d be more than willing to give you a full refund.

I’m so confident that your life will change in such a positive way, just as it has for the people who wrote their testomonies you see here on this page. Your confidence will soar,
your physique will be at its best, and the knowledge you take with you will last you a lifetime. What do you have to lose?


Enter the realm of PHYSIQUE BUILDING…or forever be in a cloud of confusion like I was for years.

Or…Take the ‘blue pill’:

Take YEARS looking for the ‘fountain of youth’.

Prolong the time you could be sculpting a shredded body by atleast a decade or two, aimlessly searching for the right information..

Multiply your failed attempts of building a shredded, rock hard body and not gain a pound of muscle…or get too overweight and fatigued.

Probably throw in the towel when it comes down to searching for THE perfect program that has tangible results.

Forever stuck with the ‘bro science’ mentality, eating boring foods…getting anxiety over eating every 2-3 hours.

Unable to truly enjoy life, freedom and choice because the shackles of social conditioning and conventional fitness standards have snared you so tightly.

Now picture this…in a few weeks from now…

Being constantly complimented on how great you look, getting all of the stares at your social gatherings or even at your local grocery store and being asked how the heck you’re doing it…

Imagine enjoying the extra life-changing benefits of high energy and testosterone levels, no aches and pains, better moods and a significant boost in self confidence, and your new outlook on what you can now accomplish in life and its limitless possibilities…

Knowing deep down that you’re getting healthier. Every. Single. Day…

The fitness industry has led you to believe that you NEED to spend thousands of dollars to achieve a physique carved from stone…

You CAN make this happen without having to sacrifice your sanity, your life and your hard-earned money.


Otherwise you’ll totally miss out on a wealth of information and tools that might even take you a decade or two to acquire.

I’d hate for you to go through what I went through for years, the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs of finding the PERFECT formula that’s found here in this guide.

Why would you take years when the information is literally staring at you?

What happens is, most people will actually throw in the towel and straight up quit this whole journey.

I’m telling you it doesn’t have to be this way…

The answers are ALL RIGHT HERE!

Say no to the blue pill- years of getting nowhere, hardships, injuries and say yes to the red pill – freedom, results and an insanely aesthetic body.

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Start sculpting an incredible body from the Physique Building program, which holds the discoveries and methods that only less than 1% percent of the population have stumbled upon.
Mold and reshape your body in unimaginable ways, raise the roof on your self confidence, walk with pride, own the gym and get shredded while adding lean muscle. Like Socrates said…it’d be a shame for a man to live without seeing the true beauty and strength of his own body…

This is your chance!

For less than a dinner for two, you can change your life for the better.

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This a risk-free, limited time offer that really isn’t going to be around forever. You’ve got the

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. My mission is to empower as many people out there with this revolutionary approach to sculpting their bodies. Seriously, now with this information available, anyone and everyone has access to the tools for a specatcular physique, which reside here within this program…
We’re living in an incredible era…each of us now has the incredible opportnity to acheive whichever goals we set out to achieve.

10 years ago, this would have been thought of as madness or near impossible!

limited-time discounted offer will only be available to the first 150 people who get their hands on this program

…once its gone, its gone!

Q & A


different from other programs

out there?

Truth is…most programs out there are useless. That’s me just being honest. They’re structure’s core beliefs are not optimized with putting together a stellar physique in mind, especially while doing so for the long-run, with longevity lacking in its main focus… all while structured on a faulty, non-science backed infrastructure.

Most programs out there are missing the revolutionary dietary formula that optimizes muscle growth, INDIVIDUALIZED for each person…

They’ll give you a cookie-cutter diet, or general ‘advice’ on what to eat, when to eat, or foods you should avoid.

Some strength training programs have you bulk up way beyond measure…or on the other hand, these programs will give you arbitrary rules to follow by aka ‘general dieting advice’.

As you’ll come to learn, that general ‘advice’, dogmatic preachings of when, how, and what to eat are uttered left and right.
Wait till you hear about what I have to say about these ‘general practices’ and how I built an insane physique by defying them!

Most folks have been going about their whole journey in a sub-optimal, unenjoyable way.

Like most people who seek to better themselves, I too followed these programs. I used up precious time, money and resources on poor results.

I’m not saying that these programs were a total waste of time and money, but I could have gone about it in a more optimal way. I gained a little strength, I got a little size…but at the expense of injury, burn-out and fat accumulation.

The other non-RDS programs didn’t align with my goals.

But Physique Building on the other hand is a splash of arctic water to the face, a wake-me-up.

It combines a scientifically-backed approach to dieting with formulas that are designed for each individual.

This dieting individualization approach is structured in such a way so that you GAIN THE MOST AMOUNT OF MUSCLE in the least amount of time, with minimal to no fat gain.

Is the Physique Building exercise

methodology right for me?

Yes, its for all levels of fitness…if you’re just a beginner, a natural bodybuilder/natural lifter looking to add on substantial strength and size, or a pro-level, conditioned athlete. This program will leave your muscles no other option but to adapt and grow.

Also, because your diet will be 100% optimized through the principals that are laid out…not some cookie cutter, one size fits all plan. People who over-train or who burn out don’t have their energy balanced or nutrition fully optimized. Both the dieting and the exercising aspects of Physique Building go HAND-IN-HAND like peanut butter and jelly.

Follow the systematized training program aka M1 on a weekly basis and you’ll be seeing results unfold before your eyes.
With the freedom of flexibility, you have the choice to split the workout days into one or two days, it just depends on your schedule.

The name of the game here is to succeed. Isn’t that why you’re here?

In Physique Building, You Get The Benefits Of Maximal Muscular Stimulus With Optimal Muscular Regeneration

In Physique Building, I structure all its principals for optimized recovery time and energy balance. The best nutrition angle will allow you to eat the exact amount to pursue your goal in mind. The M1 exercise portion teaches the principles around the ultimate muscle stimulating exercises, sets and reps, getting stronger week by week.

Do you want to look in the mirror and see the same flabby, out of shape body? Do you want to waste your time making zero progress year-after-year, wondering what could have been?

Physique Building is for folks who are committed to changing the way they live, to building a confident mindset, a stellar physique and a better life.

For that matter, if you’re not ready to commit yourself for greatness, if you’ve already got some excuses in the bag, this program isn’t for you…

Age Is Just A Number

Like I mentioned earlier, Physique Building is for all ages and levels of fitness

If you’re a beginner, this is the only program you’ll ever need to start building an incredible physique.

On the other hand, if you’re somewhat experienced, then this program will fill in the gaps and supercharge your success rate by a long shot.

The way Physique Building is structured, most if not all of us will begin to churn the wheel of testosterone production, resulting in an increase of lean muscle mass and loss of bodyfat…and get this, it works if you’re 18 or above 40 years old.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago…but second best time is NOW.

Isn’t The Information Available Everywhere?

Imagine a piece to a puzzle mixed in with several hundreds of other puzzle pieces in one box…all you really need is that one piece for your own puzzle.

This information is synthesized and encapsulated within one program. It’s all you’ll ever need.

You can potentially be spending countless hours…or YEARS trying to gather all of the information and knowledge that lies within Physique Building.

Now is the chance to embark on your greatest journey…PHYSIQUE BUILDING awaits.

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