May 2021 Launch – Fortune Reading Crushes E P C

May 2021 Launch – Fortune Reading Crushes E P C

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Numerology Forecast for {FIRSTNAME} Born on {DOB}


I have a secret for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

This one will change your entire life — it’s a secret that your guides have told me to share with you from the future.

All the challenges and hardships you went through in 2020 — yes, even the ones that you tried so hard to bury deep down inside of you so that you don’t have to feel them anymore — were necessary to prepare you for the next phase of your journey.

I can see your future self and they’re healed.

Right now, you have fragmented pieces of yourself that are causing energetic blockages, stopping the flow of abundance that’s trying to make its way to you.

The good news is that your future is much brighter because soon you’ll have learned how to heal yourself, forgive yourself, and take your personal power back!

{FIRSTNAME}, be grateful for the trials and tribulations that forced you to dig deep into your inner reserves of strength…

You became much more connected to self and courageous. The future you are very proud of the work that you’re doing right now, at this very moment.

If you didn’t find the resilience within, you wouldn’t be here today and connect with me on this divine journey!

I can see it, {FIRSTNAME}. It may be hard to believe now, but everything that you ever wanted is going to be taken care of, but you must trust that everything happened for a reason.

{FIRSTNAME}, whoa! This is surprising! I rarely see this combination of numbers.

But… that will make things a LOT easier for you, {FIRSTNAME}!

The three numbers you selected from the wheel will reveal a lot about your life challenges.

They will also empower you to make the changes you need to make at this time to ensure you get back on your destined path.

Let’s take a peek…

{FIRSTNAME}, This is the EXACT Moment Your Soul Picked to Awaken And Shine It’s Light!

Before you even landed here on this page, in this moment, I prophesied this time…

I felt your presence coming closer and closer to me because it’s such a force to be reckoned with!

Because I have access to something remarkable that few others get to experience. A powerful resource that lets me see into the future and take enlightened action because of it.

The Universe sent me here to disrupt your current reality because it no longer serves you — me and you have an opportunity to change your future outcome right now.

2020 is behind you, {FIRSTNAME}.

And it is time for you to get back on course to complete a very important mission…

The only problem is, you’ve been BLOCKED by energy that has lodged itself deep inside your spiritual and physical body {FIRSTNAME}.

Blockages that make it impossible for you to live your best life and fulfill your true calling and purpose.

Blockages that hold you back in your relationships, in your health, finances, and sense of harmony and inner peace.

These same blockages are infecting the masses dear one, so please don’t feel bad. It was the story I suffered from for most of my life, until one day all that changed by the strong hand of fate leading me into a new path.

   • A path where good fortune is an everyday occurrence

   • Where happiness and peace is a NATURAL STATE of being

   • Where opportunities shine on your doorstep and you have the intuition to take action on them before they disappear

   • Where relationships are vibrant and exciting, and your friends and family are all in alignment with your personal happiness

   • Where money is no longer a source of stress, but a source of POWER

You see {FIRSTNAME}, your mission is essential to the future of humanity.

It may not feel like it right now but once you unlock your full potential you’ll soon discover that within you is the house of something MAGICAL.

Gifts you didn’t even realize you had, until now…

Leadership qualities you never nurtured, until now…

Drive and determination you hadn’t put to work, until now…

An unshakable confidence and belief in yourself and your future that wasn’t realized, until now…

NOW is the only time there ever is my dear.

That IS the Power Of Now that my dear friend Eckhart Tolle wrote his best selling book on. And if you hadn’t gotten the chance to read that, I strongly recommend you do.

Right here, right now is the time where YOU dear {FIRSTNAME} have the power to transform your life.

But if you let this moment pass, you’ll soon forget about me and this urgent message of HOPE for your future.

Minutes or hours or days from now, this moment will be long gone and forgotten.

I hope that doesn’t happen to you, because I have something so important to share with you next.

Your future holds something wonderful, {FIRSTNAME}

Begin this powerful next phase in your journey here now…

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