His Healing Touch -ebook

His Healing Touch -ebook

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Hi my name is Jason Powers and I have not only seen the power of God in action I have experienced it many time throughout my Christian life. The Holy Spirit desires to touch His people to reveal the realiaty of Jesus Christ. I am sadden to see that in many churches across America the main message is all about money and personal growth…when the people of God should be pursueing after Jesus Christ not self awareness and growth.

I beleieve because of this type of teachings Christians have lost their first love and the results are sickness and bondage. The enemy satan has no rights over the blood bought Christians of the world, healing and victory belong to yiou and your children…in Jesus name! I want you to know the truth in God’s word about healing and deliverance and I believe “faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God”  thats why I worte  my book called His Healing Touch, a book about themost powerful promises on healing in the Bible and testimonies.

I know it seems impossible, but I promise you, getting healed and delivered is easier than you think, when you realize just how much God almighty desires to heal you.  It’s truly all about pursueing Jesus Christ, not healing, and not deliervance. But first you must beleive that wants to heal you because then you see His love and goodness not just hear about it.

Years ago when I was a very young Christian I was sitting in church and a lady went up to the visiting evangelist to be prayed for, she had a very awful red rash on her arm with red sores all over, as the eveanglist begin to pray I seen with my own eyes the red rash and sores vanish instantly, I was shocked to expierence that instant miracle, since then I have seen and expeirenced countless miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Does this sound impossible to you?

Well, thats why I put together this powerful book for you, to help build faith and belief…

And unlike some who will tell you that God doesn’t heal any longer the Bible teaches diffrenent…

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