Grow Taller 4 Idiots ~ Best Selling Taller Program ~ 2020 Update

Grow Taller 4 Idiots ~ Best Selling Taller Program ~ 2020 Update

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Short or Tall?

There Is Now…


“This *Secret Combination* of Specific Height Gain Methods GUARANTEE You Will Be At Least
2-4 Inches Taller In 8 Weeks

I Discovered the Secret to Add Several Inches of Solid Height to Anyone, No Matter What Your Age Is… Even If You Haven’t Grown in Years!

Makes GrowTaller4idiots™
Than Any Other System On The Market?”

  1. 100% Safe

Unlike other Height-Gain systems, that
explain theories and ideas that have NEVER been field-tested or tried…

Everything I teach you in GrowTaller4Idiots™
is 100% Safe and has been tested vigorously… we would simply NOT put
your health and safety at risk!

  1. Unique Methods You
    Won’t Find ANYWHERE ELSE

Unlike other Height-Gain books and
systems that all share the same ideas, diets and theories…

GrowTaller4Idiots™ is COMPLETELY
NEW… I spent years CREATING my OWN methods and techniques because
I had already tried everything else and had little success with it…

GrowTaller4Idiots™ is ALL based on
scientific data… and all of the methods and techniques have gone through
gruelling testing and experimenting… they are all HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

  1. Most Popular On The

GrowTaller4Idiots™ has been used
successfully by over 194,000 people in 174 different countries! …it’s
the most popular system of its kind by a far stretch because IT WORKS

I have people come back and buy copies
for their friends and family because they have had so much success with
it themselves!

  1. Easy To Understand
    And Use

Other Height-Gain books and systems
and very long and boring to read… written using very dry and technical
English… the kinda stuff you find in Medical Manuals!

GrowTaller4Idiots™ is written as
if I was teaching you how to gain height in person! …people
tell me time and time again how easy my book is to read… they ENJOY
reading it!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt insignificant for
not being TALL Enough?

  • Have you ever been rejected
    by the opposite sex
    because of your height?

  • Have you ever given up trying
    for a job, dream or goal
    because you KNEW your height would let you

  • Have you ever been MOCKED because of your Short Stature?

You Ever Felt Like
You Weren’t
Good Enough?”

…for a job
…a girl or guy ….a sport …a dream… all because of your height?

If you could only get taller… it
would all be OK.

If you could only grow a few more

could get the girl or guy!

You could get the job!

You could get what you wanted!

My name is Darwin

My whole life I had been short…

A Few Years ago I was a paltry 5’ 3”…
(that’s 160cm for you European folk!)

Today I stand at 5’ 10 ” … and

How did it happen?

All Starts With
A Very Strange Story…”

I want to share with you a very unusual
story that you might find it a little hard to believe, but this genuinely
happened to me…

It’s about how I met a very peculiar
man… who would reveal to me EXACTLY what I had been searching for…
a definitive solution to my height problems.

What he showed me would end up working
like crazy… I would then go on to develop a system that would help
literally HUNDREDS of thousands of people all over the world…

But more on that later!

This is
EXACTLY how it happened…

When I first moved to America (I’m
from Vietnam), I used to rent from a small apartment in L.A.

Not flash by any means… but the one
thing I liked about it-was the fact that it had a small gym on the
ground floor…

At the time, I was feeling very insecure
and defeated about my height… more than ever…

I had tried everything… literally–
grow taller programs, supplements, HGH boosters, pills, insoles, herbs, potions….

I used ALL supplements, tried all
different kinds of “height-gain programs”… and products…

Nothing seemed to work for me.

Someone had told me that weight-lifting
could help me strengthen my bones which would in-turn help me grow taller…
(someone had also told me the opposite but I’ll tell you the truth
later on!) I wanted to build muscle anyways so…

I’d Give It A Shot…”

It was quite late– 10pm… no one
in sight.

I decided to start with the High Pulley
(basically where you pull up stacked weights)

Because of my reach, being short…
I was having trouble getting to the actual Lat Bar to pull the weights
up… every time I had finished my reps, I would have to wriggle on
to my knees, just to grab the Lat bar again…

The third time I wriggled up to grab
the Lat Bat… I heard something…

Knock On The Door…”

I turned to the left and saw through
the window of the door…

“Looks like you’re having some
trouble there boy!” the strange man exclaimed… “Go on, open up.”

I got up from the seat… feeling a
little unsafe…

I let him in and hoped to God he wasn’t
going to knock me over the back of the head…

He was an older man-had a short grey
beard… dark, weathered skin… quite tall for a Vietnamese man (he
was definitely Vietnamese, his accent gave it away).

“I used to be short like you” he
said… “You need to do the Height Stuff!”

I didn’t say anything… still a
little flustered by the whole situation.

“The “Height Stuff””

“You gotta do the Height Stuff” he repeated,
expecting me to ask what he was talking about…

“What’s the Height Stuff?” I said–
relaxing a little… he didn’t seem as threatening as I had first

“It’s good stuff. It’ll make
you shoot up!” he said raising his left arm as high as he could above
my head.

I was quite intrigued.

What was this “Height Stuff” …I
thought to myself.

“I’ll show you!” he pointed towards
the door.

“But where are we going?” I asked.

“Follow me”… he walked with purpose
out the door… I realized he wasn’t wearing any shoes.

To His Apartment…”

His place was the same as mine… small,
poorly lit, peeling paint on the walls…

He reached for something from his bookshelf and pulled out a bunch of seemingly old papers tied up with strings…

“This must be the Height Stuff?”
I motioned towards the bunch.

“Yes!” he replied enthusiastically
“You need to follow exactly these instructions…”

“And that’s it?” I said… “I
just need to follow the instructions and I grow taller…?”

He nodded. But held is hand up… “I
haven’t showed you the most important part!”

“Height-Boosting” Cocktail!”

5 minutes later he had whisked up something
quite remarkable…

Some sort of concoction…

I took note on each of the ingredients
he had used…

“All you do is drink THIS everyday ”…he said as if it were some sort of miracle drug.

He gave it to me… it had a peculiar

We talked until the wee hours of the
morning, and I got to know him… he was a veteran… who actually fought
in the Vietnam war!

His name was Phillip Ngyuen.

He told me of a story of why he spent
years himself trying to grow taller… just so he could be allowed to
join an elite group of fighters during the war.

He told me how– after much trial and
error… he had finally found a way to grow tall very fast…

“Remarkably… He Had Grown
6 Inches In His Adult Years
With His Method…”

I was absolutely fascinated.

How on earth did he manage to gain
so many inches in his adult years…

I had always been told by doctors that even a single inch of height after puberty was impossible!

I asked him many questions.

It was nearly sunrise… I told him
we would speak soon and I headed home to get a couple of hours sleep
before work…

It was a very strange night indeed…
but something in my gut told me I might have finally found something
that would solve all of my height problems…

Startling Discovery!”

Like I said before… I was absolutely
fascinated with the idea that Phillip had gained a whopping 6 inches
in adulthood, which is thought to be impossible by many…

I wanted to do some actual research
and see if there was any scientific proof that would confirm what
Phillip had told me


…Phillip had used in his “height-boosting”
cocktail had something incredibly remarkable in common…

Each one of them contained very
concentrated amounts of certain amino acids…

Amino acids that when combined… would
produce a MASSIVE increase in the level of ONE specific hormone…

*HGH* – The Miracle Hormone

Let me tell you…

If You Don’t Know
Anything About THIS Hormone…

You Are Missing Out
On The BIGGEST SECRET To Growing Taller… And Doing It VERY

It ALL begins here…

So what is HGH?

HGH is short for “Human Growth Hormone”…
THIS specific hormone has an ENORMOUS effect on the growing process
of your bones…

In other words… YOUR HEIGHT.

If you can harness the power behind
increasing your HGH levels… you can grow taller… and you can do
it faster than anything you would have imagined.

I Stumbled Across
The Ultimate Height Gain Solution?”

It wasn’t just the secret “height-boosting”
cocktail… it seemed that each of the steps he had taught me had…


They would all contribute dramatically
in the way of GROWING TALLER!

And now with the scientific proof to
back at what Phillip had taught me…

I had NO excuses and nothing to lose.

I would try his method.

“My Amazing Results!”

And so I did exactly what he said, following his instructions to the letter…

What happened?

As if it were magic… I grew… at
an astounding rate:

“3 Inches In LESS Than A Month!”

It was an incredible feeling…

To have finally found something that
would ACTUALLY work!

I was ecstatic…

Phillip saw my results… and wasn’t
surprised… OBVIOUSLY he knew it worked!

I decided I needed to share this
with more people

But I wanted to make this method even
MORE effective…

My Own
Height-Gain System…”

Using the principles behind Phillip’s

I wanted to create my own Height-Gain
system that would eventually be MUCH MORE effective than Phillip’s

This took a lot longer than I thought
it would…



Interviewing experts…

Testing, Experimenting and Developing
different exercises and….

Creating new diets that would focus
on increasing height!

I would stay home on weekends… Ignore
invitations to parties… not sleep as much as I wanted too… and spend
ridiculous amounts of money on everything I needed to develop this new

But I loved every minute of it!

…I knew it would all be worth it!


Taller 4 Idiots™!

Grow Taller 4 Idiots ™

I spent countless hours
developing this system… and this is the result…

“Used Successfully By Over 194,000 People in 174

Over 194,000 people in 174 countries
have already used my Height-Gain system successfully! I’ve used the feedback
from all these people to constantly improve the program, which is why…
it is the single most EFFECTIVE Height-Gain System you will find ANYWHERE.

As a matter of fact, my team plotted
a map with our United States users…SEE BELOW! Unfortunately, we couldn’t
plot our international readers as well because otherwise the map would
be too large:

As you can see, the above map displays all my United States users, plotted
using their ZIP codes. Up to date, I’ve had over 194,000 people in 174

Besides that, my program has the lowest refund rates in the entire industry:

96.2% of my customers are satisfied with the program, while only 3.8% have
refunded the program.

This proves that if you apply the info in my Height-Gain system, you
WILL get results… plain and simple!

Here Are Just A Small Sample Of The
THOUSANDS Upon Thousands Who Have Had Success With My System:


Jennifer Tinatra
25 Years Old

“I tried many products to grow taller in the past 2 years, but with no luck. When I saw your website for the first time it was easy to notice that this one was different from the rest.
I suddenly started your program and to my surprise I grew 3 inches in less than 2 months. I highly recommend your program to anyone who wants to add some extra inches to their height! thank you Darwin!”

[View Testimonial Proof]

Maria Jackson
28 Years Old
Los Angeles

“Do I feel RENEWED! I have been depression for a couple of years because of my short stature. I am shorter than all my friends and used to fell awful around them.

Well let me tell you, depression is something of the past now. I gained 4 inches in something over 2 months by following your program by the letter. I gave all myself and the results shows 🙂 May God be with you!”

[View Testimonial Proof]

Nafis Nado
25 Years Old

“Thank you for the amazing program. Since my parents are both short I was really skeptic that I could do something to grow in height. But with your help I was able to add 3 inches to my height, from 5’7″ to 5’10”. Nafis Nado”

[View Testimonial Proof]

Nafis Nado

Mario Chin
27 Years Old
Manchester, England

“Was not short but wanted to be taller. I have always been the same height as my best friend Ben but now Im three inches taller. He is 5’10. The results are fantastic and I can not believe my own eyes.”

[View Testimonial Proof]

Mario Chin

Toni Henso
21 Years Old

“There are several tall guys that play basketball on my college team. Because I was shorter than most of them I was finding it difficult to be more than just a reserve. My coach told me that I was too short and therefore I would be the weak point of the team in matches. Having nothing to lose I gave your product a try. Within 6 months I grew four inches. Now my teammates looks at me differently, respect me and I play in matches all the time.”

[View Testimonial Proof]

Lina Jones
30 Years Old

“Hello growtaller4idiots, I would like to thank you for the priceless information that helped me grow 2.5 inches in such a short period of time. I was only an inch taller than my mother but now Im way much taller. Cheers and best regards!”

[View Testimonial Proof]

Lina Jones

Micheal Becks
34 Years Old

“Being 34 years old and not very tall I always wanted to be a few inches taller. But I never believed that I had the slightest chance, especially at my age. But man how I was wrong…when I look into the mirror I see a different me, someone that is much more confident, someone that can dress anything and still look good. I will be forever grateful for giving me a new life grow taller for idiots.”

Jose Tilus
20 Years Old

“I used to get shy when approaching girls because I was short. Five months down the road, 3 extra inches gained and I love my new found confidence! I really can’t believe what I was missing and the girls like it too!”

Brandon Gorgo
27 Years Old

“I tried several other products to improve my height in the last year but in vain. Then to my surprise, on my birthday my parents bought me the book as a present. I was very skeptic but having nothing to loose I gave it a try. Now, after doing the program I gained 2 inches of real height.”

Arna Sandi
24 Years Old

“24 years old female and wanted to seek a career as a model. Unfortunately I strived to grow taller but I was still too short compared to the others 6 foot + models. I wasted lot of money on supplements until my girl friend showed me your program. I started it immediately and already gained 2 inches so far. This program is nothing like the other, they should put it on the news so that anyone that wants to grow taller will know how to do it.”


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Here’s an Exclusive “Sneak-Peek” of What Else You’ll Find
in the Grow Taller 4 Idiots™ System:

  • You’ll gain 2-4 inches
    to your stature in 6-8 weeks… GUARANTEED!

  • The 3 Single Most Important
    Elements to Height-Gain… pg. 13-29

  • Sneaky
    “2-Second Quick Fix”
    you can use to “look” taller instantly…
    pg. 33.

  • The EXACT amount of sleep
    you should be getting to maximize your fullest height potential… pg.

  • The Simplest Way To Gain
    Height While You Sleep!
    How to position yourself during sleep for
    MAXIMUM Height-Gain overnight… pg. 39

    PERFECT 15 Minute Height Boosting Exercise! Pg. 43-54

  • The TRUTH
    About How You Sit…
    you’ve been sitting wrong your WHOLE life…
    sit this way from now on and you WILL … straighten your spine and
    add MASSIVE gains to your height! pg. 97

    …100% Natural and Safe… Advanced Exercises designed to literally
    stretch the body and contribute to MASSIVE height gains safely… pg.

  • How to EXPLOIT this “Wonder-Vitamin”
    and use it for MASSIVE height-gains… get the exact amount you need
    in just 10 minutes a day …pg 29.

  • The Calorie Consumption
    how to reach your maximum height potential by monitoring
    how much food you are eating… pg 31.

  • The Fastest and Easiest
    way to gain 2-5 inches a month!

  • The Amazing
    “Sunlight” Trick…
    and what it has to do with you growing dramatically
    taller… pg. 29

  • The Most Effective Way to
    maintain your height… do this daily and you will NEVER lose your height-gains!
    pg. 77

  • Posture secrets – your
    posture habits are PREVENTING you from growing taller… see if you’re
    doing any of these… (chances are, that you are!) PLUS! a little posture
    trick I know that will make you appear MUCH taller you than you actually
    are… pg. 67

  • WARNING: Why You Should
    Not Go On A Diet… pg. 32

    …with this very potent
    “height-boosting” cocktail… the exact same cocktail Phillip showed
    me how to make that night at his apartment……I still drink this EVERY
    SINGLE DAY! pg 36.

  • Hairstyles you should AVOID
    at all costs! pg. 72

  • 2 Vital Ingredients Your
    LAST Meal Of The Day MUST Have From Now On
    … plus two foods you
    should AVOID at all costs… pg. 38

  • Do this 10 times every 3
    Hours… pg. 69

  • The
    Miracle Supplement
    … the ONLY supplement I recommend you take…
    will give your body EVERY essential mineral and vitamin you NEED for
    height-gain PLUS! this particular supplement will increase your HGH
    production to very concentrated levels… pg. 40

  • Exercises that actually
    HINDER height-gain! Pg. 51

  • Sneaky
    little Appearance Tricks…
    You Can Use To Appear Taller Than You
    Actually Are! There are certain types of clothes that will make
    you look taller INSTANTLY… there are also certain types of clothing
    that will make you look short… here’s what you should be wearing…
    Pg. 70

  • More Exercise Is Good For
    Growing Taller Right? …WRONG! It will actually HINDER Height-Gain
    in some cases… pg. 52

  • Easy-To-Use Mathematical
    …that shows you how much calories you SHOULD be eating
    for you to gain maximum height… HIGHLY ACCURATE! pg. 57

    does it hinder your bone growth and make you shorter or does it help
    grow taller? Pg. 64

“EVERYTHING– You’ve Been Told

About Height-Gain Is
A Lie!”

But that’s about to change.

I’m sure you’re the same… you
don’t want myths and stories… you want Scientific Proof and stuff
that actually works!

My GrowTaller4Idiots System will dispel
all the myths and lies you’ve ever heard about height gain and show
you what TRULY WORKS…

One such lie is that is very widespread
is this…

“After your growth stage has ended, your bones can’t grow any longer.
This stage usually stops around ages 16-18 for girls and 18-21 for boys.”

This is 100% FALSE!

There are now MANY
studies which have proven time and time again that you can keep increasing
your height all THE WAY into your late 50s!

So if you are under
60… and want to be taller… THIS IS FOR YOU!

You’re Serious About Getting Taller…
NEED GrowTaller4Idiots™!”

This Is WITHOUT A DOUBT… The Single
Greatest Resource You Are EVER Going To Find On The Subject Of Getting
MASSIVE Height-Gain And Doing It As Fast As Possible…

There is simply NO other system that
can compare to GrowTaller4Idiots™…

If you are serious about getting taller
you NEED to get your hands on my GrowTaller4Idiots™ System.

You won’t find a better and faster
way to grow taller!

“So Darwin… How Do I Get My Hands

On GrowTaller4Idiots™?”

Good question.

It’s easy!

I’ll show you how easy it is in a
sec… but before we go on…

Let’s be honest…

“What Price Would You
Pay To

Finally Reach Your Ideal

People pay as much as $40,000-$250,000
for very PAINFUL and risky surgical growth procedures…

People pay as much as $200-$1000
a month for height-gain supplements that don’t even work

How much would you pay for something

You’ve already seen the glowing testimonials…

The Scientific Proof that The GrowTaller4Idiots™
System works…

194,000 previous customers who have
used my system successfully!

You KNOW that my system will work for

So here’s my question…

Would you pay $10,000 to reach your
ideal height?

Maybe that’s too steep… would you
pay $1000?


Would you pay $100?

If you buy today… you won’t even
pay HALF of that!

Right Now You Can Get
The GrowTaller4Idiots™ System
Just $47 !

Add to Cart

The GrowTaller4Idiots™ System is
the single BEST resource you will EVER find on the topic on growing
tall and doing it FAST!

I am so confident that you WILL NOT
find a better system, book or resource that I am willing to do this…

Inches Taller
The Next 8 Weeks!”

“My 100% Money-Back Guarantee!”

I KNOW that this will work for you…
it’s worked for thousands and thousands of others all over the world…

Here’s my challenge to you!

Buy The GrowTaller4Idiots™ System
for just $47 … read the information… and then TAKE ACTION! Follow
the system and see if it works for you…

If you DO NOT increase your height
by AT LEAST 2-5 inches during the next 8 weeks… I will give you EVERY

In fact… even if it does work like
crazy for you… if you don’t like it for any reason at all
just let me know and I will give you a 100% refund… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Not only that… but I’ll even let
you keep the whole The GrowTaller4Idiots™ System just as a way
of saying “Thanks for trying anyway!”

I know that’s a big claim to make…
but I stand by it 100% because I am so confident that this will work
for you!

Sound fair?

Click On The “Add To Cart” Below, And Place Your Order Now:

Add to Cart

“Are You Ready To Experience

The Life
You Want And Deserve?”

Let’s face it… being short… or
shorter than you want to be is…


You have now found a genuine and consistent
system that WILL work!

Reaching the height I desired ….did
more for me than just “make me taller”…

It was as if a massive weight had been
taken from my shoulders and my LIFE… after I had conquered this…
I felt as if I could do anything… AND I DID!

My Life Has Transformed
In Every Way Possible!

  • I Quit My Day Job much to
    the dismay of my boss (who had always teased me about my height)

  • I Started My Own Online
    Business helping others grow taller which I am very passionate about!
    (My mother told me it would never work!)

  • I Have A Very Amazing And
    Attractive 😉 Girlfriend! (I could have never seen this happening in
    the past!)
  • And most importantly…

It’s that simple. I am happy.

And that’s what The GrowTaller4Idiots™
System will do for you.

It’s Your Choice Now…

Picture yourself being at your ideal

How has your life changed?

Have you found love? …Do people
respect you more? …Have you now got the job you wanted? …Are some
of your dreams now a reality?

No doubt you are happier!

  1. Do you want to be taller?

  1. Do you want to be happier?

  1. Do you want that intense
    feeling of being able to DO and achieve ANYTHING you want!?

If you said yes to any of those questions…
you know what you have to do…

You are about to get instant access to this best selling program even if it’s 3 in the morning

Our program will allow you to boost your height at least a few inches even if you are an adult and stopped growing for a long time.

It also comes with a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee – because we are sure that you will not regret your decision.

To get started, simply click here to order at the limited time price.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots™ is in digital format (PDF) which means there is no need to wait for it to arrive. You’ll be able to learn the secrets of growing taller, in just minutes from now.

Thank you so much for hearing this
message… whether you decide my system is right for you or not I hope
you take action and make steps towards gaining more height!

Thanks for listening,

Darwin Smith

P.S. Remember you are covered
by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee
… If you don’t like The GrowTaller4Idiots™
System for ANY reason at all… simply let us know and we will give
you every cent of your money back… not only that but we’ll let you
keep everything! …There is NO risk on you!

P.P.S. What are you waiting for!? Take
control of your life… You WANT to be taller… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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