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From: Carolyn Hansen

Health and Wellness Seeker…

You woke up this morning and looked in the mirror.
And you said in your head to yourself, “Man… what is going on here… I really need to get
into shape
. I feel so bad all the time, I don’t like the
way I look and I really
need to make a change

no matter how many times you say it you might be facing these

It’s all right; we’ve all been down that
road. This might be the one and only time, fifth, or the
twenty seventh time you’ve
tried to get healthy
and reap the benefits of wellness.
But you’re thinking “things
didn’t work out last time
, or the other time before that,
or even the first time…”but it has to be different THIS
time,” right?

So you fire up the internet, search “how to get in shape,” and see pages and pages of websites
that promise you quick results with hardly any effort. You
feel overwhelmed, anxious, and then go back to thinking that you really don’t
have to make changes today
…after all there is always

If this sounds like you then
what you are about to see will
make you very happy

about to show you how to put an END to beating
your head against
the wall trying to get
in shape once and for

You can enjoy the health

that you deserve

that you get as
a result.

And trust me,
I know exactly how… because I was looking for answers
myself at points in my life!

It wasn’t that long ago that I was looking for
some good solutions that would help people get in shape. I understand how important it is
to every aspect of life.

It’s important
for people to live a healthy lifestyle and get in the best shape
possible. I looked all over the place trying to find some great, easy to follow solutions
to getting into shape, that used different techniques and that would
different people of all ages interested.

And I found that there just wasn’t that much out there. Sure there is
P90X and Insanity Workout… but I was looking for great,easy to follow info
on different ways to get into shape so that people could choose a plan that would work
just for them

As I looked for this kind of info the light came on… other people are
looking for this stuff too and likely can’t find it either. So I saw a
huge opportunity for my customers and put together fitness products
that will fill
the need that is there

In the media and in people’s minds, the out of
shape person
is rarely satisfied
with their body
or health or has an energetic life.
However, in real life, too, these people are less likely to live
the life they want, get the better insurance rates, feel great about
their body, feel well, or even have a positive mindset. Yep… it’s true!

Yes, getting more fit overall will increase the likelihood
of success
for people in whatever they do and of course,
there are always the health benefits, such as improved strength and increased longevity and wellness.

People are now even understanding that getting in shape
can have a significant positive
impact on their earning potential

Of Getting In Better Shape

Heart Health

Cardiovascular activity betters the strength of the heart
and boosts the circulatory system. The heart performs better. When people are fit,
the heart doesn’t have to work as hard. This can reduce the risk of
heart disease and hypertension. This
can help you be healthier and live longer


When you work out regularly, you burn a substantial number of
on a steady basis. This helps you reach and
sustain a healthy body fat percentage.

If you keep the same body fat levels when you consume and burn the same
amount of calories, and you cut down body fat when you burn a bigger
number of calories than you eat, then you want a way to burn more
calories easily that is interesting to you. 

Keeping a healthy balance of body fat can affect every area of your body.

You see, obesity
contributes to risk of health problems
that can cause you
serious issues, including cardiopathy, adult-onset diabetes,
hypertension, stroke and cancer. You need a way to have
a fit body to lessen the risk of these health conditions.

Mobility and Stamina

Weight training and cardio are serious
in this area, because they can provide
cardiovascular activity and flexibility work which will help your body
overall and will increase the power to finish simple daily tasks.

For example, great
cardiovascular health
will let you walk farther without
getting fatigued, and having a balanced and better level of muscular strength
and a healthy range of motion will help you  to squat down to
pick something up with greater ease.

 Healthy Mind

Everyone wants a way to have a healthier mind. We have all seen
information that being
in shape
betters our mind
and mood
because of neurotransmitters and endorphins that
are discharged as a result of physical activity.

As well, if you feel
better about the way you look
, you will have an increase
in overall self-confidence.

As well, today we have been taught that in addition to the feel-good
brain chemicals that are discharged, being physically active and in
shape likewise decreases
the risk of suffering from depression
as it distracts from
daily worries and can lead to positive interactions with other people.

The advantages of getting in
are many more than this; however, it likewise
requires the right tools
and knowledge
and a plan that will work for
you. It’s hard to explain just how much better you can feel
if you are in fit condition; it can’t be expressed by words.

To appreciate the advantages of being fit, it’s essential to do it
for yourself. Regrettably, it is not sufficient to just read about it.

What I have learned over the years is so powerful
at transforming the way people feel I decided I needed to put something
together that would help others get all these benefits easily.

As I became more physically fit myself in my life, I became happier than ever.
I was also healthier than before — rarely ever getting sick and feeling
great and my overall health allowed me to be more productive
in all other areas of my life.


Fitness For You

Book 1: Strong

Strength Training Strategies For Health And Wellness

is no doubt among fitness experts that strength training exercise
should be an integral part of any exercise program for
multitude of health benefits it provides.The reason is simple:
our body mass decreases by 6 -10% with each decade after the age of 30.
By age 70, we only have approximately 50% of our body strength left.

in body strength
lead to decreases in function, less
energy, less balance, increased accident rate and an increased rate of
disease. Increased strength, therefore, decreases chances of illness or
accident and increases longevity.

Get all the info you need here.

Book 2: Ripped With Cardio

The Revolutionary Fitness Training For Fitter & Stronger Body

medical experts will attest to the fact that some cardio training
is better than not having any at all. In order to live a fit and
healthy lifestyle one of the prerequisites should be to incorporate
some cardio training on
a regular basis

It should be noted that there are various
types and stages
of cardio workouts available for any
interested individual. Therefore, some
research should be done
before the most appropriate
regimen is designed and followed effectively.

Get all the info you need here.

Book 3: Never Too Old To

Guiding You Towards Health & Longevity

is a natural process that every human being goes through and it starts
from the very day of birth.

However, the actual “aging” is only really visible when the individual
is considered to be quite advanced in age.

It should be noted though, that the aging process should not in any way
hamper having an exercise regimen and in fact exercising
should ideally continue
but at a gentler pace and design.
Get all the info you need here.

Book 4: Stronger Kids

A Holistic Approach To An Active And Healthy Lifestyle For Children

kids do not just get that way overnight. There is a lot of effort
and some genes that contribute to the strong and healthy body of
a kid.

exercise regimens
that include some cardio workouts and
weight lifting is not a negative thing to do, and neither will
it hamper the growth of the child in any way.

Get all the info you need here.

Book 5: Yoga Fire

Burn Calories With The Best Yoga Techniques Today!

need to give more
importance to our health
and the treatment of diseases.

A big number of medicines
treat only the symptoms
of the disease, and not the base
cause. As a matter of fact, the cause of a lot of chronic ailments are
still being researched.

here that Yoga therapy comes to our aid.
Get all the info
you need here.

Book 6: TRX Training

How To Use Suspension Training To Train And Tone Your Body

just about everybody wants to keep fit and healthyand to walk
around with an attractive
. All the same, most of individuals do not get sufficient
to join training courses and visit a gymnasium.

make up for this issue, they may look for workout equipment that can
assist them in losing a considerable amount of weight and getting in shape at home.

Get all the info you need here.

Only $17.00!

you take the step to change
your life
with getting in shape you will be part of a
group of people
who have health,
wellness and better lives

I’m dead serious. You have no idea the kind of crazy, fad stuff
that is out there about how to get in shape. No wonder there’s so many
people that are confused and disheartened about getting in shape. Once
use these tools, you will have a path to wellbeing and a healthier life.

Life Is
Way Too Short To Try And
Learn This On Your Own Through Trial And Error. Why Not Learn From My

go through years of trial and error
when you can use these
tools to
better your life and finally get in shape? You’ll then use your
newfound knowledge to change
the issues
you wish to change in a short time.

This is
exactly the kind of thing I wish I had years ago when I was
just getting started! Having
a tool like this
would have helped me to get information
on different ways to get fit!

I can only
imagine how much
more wonderful
my fitness efforts could have been
using these
. But that’s OK cause there’s a reason for
everything, and I
believe that now I need to share this with others.

This will be
a tool that will better
your life
and the lives of those you
love. And that’s pretty powerful.

And As Well…You Will Get These Bonuses…

Fitness Video

have started to realize that there’s no point being the richest person
in the graveyard. What’s having all the wealth in the world when you
don’t have the health to enjoy it? So, the Fitness Video series has
been specifically created to give you a
little extra help getting in shape

The Deadlift

King Of Exercises

deadlift builds bone
and is a great ‘anti-aging’
remedy. If you want to retain your mobility and freedom, you
should include this exercise in your fitness program. 

Regardless of whether your fitness goals are to “rev up” your metabolism,
increase strength or recover lost lean body mass, decrease body fat,
rehabilitate your back, improve athletic performance, or maintain
functional independence as a senior, the deadlift is a marked shortcut
to that end.

Only $17.00!

I want you to succeed in you health efforts.

I’d rather you get the information you need to instill in you
a sense of urgency about your health.

How much is a healthy body worth?

Is it worth taking a risk?

This is YOUR health we are talking about.

Don’t let anything steer you away from getting this
information right now!

So What Is This Going To Cost Me Carolyn?

the more profound question might be, “what is the cost of NOT learning
how to get in shape and have a healthier
with “Fitness For You”.

After all, if you had all the tools and the knowledge to change your
health and have a better body, wouldn’t that be awesome.

And that is why I have put together this material and made it available
to those who are looking for answers and are ready to change thier health.

And because you are here reading this right this very moment, I believe
in my heart, that is you!

The time has come for me to put this powerful material
into the hands of as many people worldwide as possible – to make people more fit.

honor this, I couldn’t possibly price it out of reach of those
need it most. And this is why I am offering all this valuable
information for the affordable price of not even the low price of $97.00,
but the amazing price of $17.

That’s Right – Only $17.00!

could easily charge so much more for this powerful, information that will change your fitness level…

But I want YOU to get started
in the comfort of your own home and I have faith that you will begin to
be able to live a healthier life and take steps today to change your fitness level,
just as so many others have.

– Carolyn, I’m READY

to transform my fitness life today!

  • I
    understand I’ll be instantly downloading the entire Fitness For You Course, and all of the “Bonuses” you’ve
    assembled for me

    for only

    today and today only.

  • On
    top of
    that, I understand my investment is backed by your risk free,
    no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

You will get

— Even if it’s 3.00 A.M.!


*NOTE: These are digital downloads
in Adobe PDF and MP3 Format and you will be taken directly to the
download page upon successful completion of checkout. Should you
experience any problems being returned to the proper page, please
simply email:


(Click the Order Button Above to Download.)

Let Me Ask You This…

What’s Going to Happen if You
Don’t Change Your Life Now?

that for a minute. Where
will you be and how will you feel
a few months if you don’t
get started with changes today
? Do you
honestly think things will just magically change for you? I didn’t
think so.

I’ve been
doing for this for long enough to understand a little bit
about how we think. I understand you might feel a bit hesitant to order
this because you don’t wish to have wasted your time and cash and
purchased something that wasn’t what you thought it was. I understand
that. We’ve all been there. However I also understand that you need to
take a
chance and give it a shot
, otherwise, you’ll never enjoy
life you know you want.

So rest assured because...

I’m Going To
Remove All The
Risk For Your Investment Because I Want You To Succeed!

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