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I had an L4-L5 disc surgery about a year and a half ago and then I had L5 nerve that was quite pinched that had really been hurting me for at least a year and a half.

I’ve been to PT, neurosurgeons in the US. They really weren’t that helpful.

The PT didn’t do much, I’ve done it with two different people in the States.

The neurosurgeon even said you just probably shouldn’t play sports again or lift anything over 25 pounds and you should be okay to you know walk around day to day and not be in too much pain!
That really did NOT work for me.

I’m 31. I like to box, Muay Thai, snowboarding, play all types of sports, weightlifting.

So, what I really appreciated about Thomas was he understood that.

Huge, huge impact in 2 ½ weeks feel way better than I did.

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