End Limiting Beliefs

End Limiting Beliefs

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Dr. Steve G. Jones

From the Desk of Dr. Steve G. Jones

Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Mind Master & Law of Attraction Mentor

Dear Friend,

I hope this letter finds you well, because I have a very urgent message for everyone who feels that their life is being sabotaged from within.

The feeling that something is wrong often surfaces during life’s toughest challenges. The signs are there but very few people know what to do with these signs.

The scourge is limiting beliefs.

Many people are unaware that limiting beliefs are the number one cause of unhappiness in our world today. And yet, very few people are aware that such beliefs exist. Some don’t even believe in them even if the beliefs have already eroded huge chunks of their lives from within.

Limiting beliefs are like the plague.

They spread to every aspect of your behavior, thinking and personality. They keep you locked in tight, immobile and helpless. Limiting beliefs often change how people perceive the world in general and people, too.

How do you know that limiting beliefs are causing havoc in your life?

  • Do you feel that you don’t deserve some things in life?
  • Do you doubt your own abilities when you have to do something that isn’t part of your usual routine?
  • Are you secretly afraid of change because you feel that survival would be hard after?
  • Do you feel that you are somehow inferior compared to your colleagues or peers?
  • Are you afraid of sharing your own ideas because they might be rejected?
  • Do you doubt your own skills and abilities and refuse to use them when the opportunity arises for you to showcase your capabilities?
  • Are you watching your contemporaries rise to the top while you are still near the bottom, still ‘not ready’ for the big time?
  • Do you have trouble trusting those around you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is confirmed: you are a victim of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs have the ability to force out the energies needed by a person to thrive and succeed.

These sabotaging beliefs are fiercely protected by your own mind.

When any idea becomes a belief, it becomes fiercely protected by the conscious and subconscious mind. When a belief becomes repeated behavior, it becomes a habit. Habits are much harder to break because they are deeply rooted patterns of behavior that are embedded in the subconscious half of the mind.

I know this much because I was a victim of limiting beliefs, too.

That is, until I started looking into the motivations and ideas that caused me to turn away good opportunities, relationships and chances for personal success.

I discovered a secret code that could be used to break apart the limiting beliefs that can cause a person’s life to crack from the middle.

It took me years to perfect this code, but once I was able to organize the steps needed to wrench apart limiting beliefs from the good beliefs that sustained me, I created a whole new system that the world has never seen before: a system that focused on the actual beliefs that held back people from health, wealth and success!

There are countless books that ‘help’ people by setting goals and such… But these books never address the root cause of personal failure: LIMITING BELIEFS

What if I told you that all the problems that you are facing right now are there not because there is something essentially wrong with you but because you actually believe that what you are doing now is all that you are entitled to?

Personal beliefs can either free you or chain you. The BIG QUESTION now is: are you free or are you being held prisoner by your own beliefs?

I know that this can be difficult to believe, but here are some facts:

  • The human mind is capable of rationalizing ANY idea or belief, whether it’s right or wrong.
  • When a belief is accepted at the subconscious level, it becomes IRREFUTABLE.
  • Limiting beliefs can survive for decades without the person knowing it – these beliefs live and breathe alongside other positive and constructive beliefs in a person’s mind!

To detect limiting beliefs, there are three essential things that you must learn:

  • How to discover these limiting beliefs and see them for what they are
  • How to neutralize limiting beliefs so they won’t cause you any more harm
  • How to create a new life FREE from the chains of limiting beliefs

I know that time is precious and frankly speaking, no one has spare time to waste – so I condensed my revolutionary new system into a 8-day system that is guaranteed to change the rules of personal success forever.

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8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs is the result of countless hours of work and refinement – a secret code that I have developed so I can share with fellow Mind Masters who understand that what happens outside in reality is determined by what happens inside, in the mind.

Just Imagine:

  • A Life Free of Limitations and “What Ifs”
  • Limitless Success
  • Limitless Self-Confidence
  • Limitless Persona Growth s
  • The Courage to Speak Out
  • The Ability to Grab the Universe’s Bounty
  • The 360-Degree Life Turn That Everyone is Raving About!

That’s right: you don’t have to guess or scramble in the dark anymore because everything that you could possibly need to achieve the 360-Degree Life Turn is contained within my exclusive system: 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs.

You better believe it, because with this excusive, personally developed system I have been able to:

  • Establish a very successful hypnotherapy practice
  • Build genuinely rewarding personal relationships
  • Develop trust with powerful players in the business
  • Create the most wonderful bond with people I have helped and am helping currently
  • Pursue lifelong dreams, including continuing education in the field that I love
  • Make more real friends that help sustain me
  • Identify the parts of my life that needed a lot of work
  • Create balance so my work, spirituality, physical needs and other endeavors receive adequate energy and support
  • Achieve personal happiness and I’ve never looked back
  • Accomplish goals that I never thought were possible
  • Achieve health and fitness and LOVE IT 110%

Be part of the 360-Degree Life Turn REVOLUTION!

IF you want to overcome the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for years or maybe decades, you have to overcome your doubt of 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs.

If there is a tiny voice in your head that is saying that it is too hard to change limiting beliefs, that tiny voice is a good example of a limiting belief and I am going to show you how to throw it out of your life FOREVER.

Here’s a Taste of 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs!

Day One

Day One marks the beginning of the 360-Degree Life Turn via 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs. During this exciting time, you will learn:

  • The true nature of personal beliefs
  • 3 steps to identifying limiting beliefs
  • A 2-step process for creating new solutions to old problems
  • How to utilize solutions to surface a limiting belief
  • Personal revolution – transforming a limiting belief to a transformational belief
  • Putting things into perspective: how a free man can be held prisoner by his own beliefs
  • What happens when you live a life full of limiting beliefs
  • The real root cause of limiting beliefs
  • Beliefs as symptoms and not the actual disease
  • Letting a belief ‘talk back’ to reveal its true character
  • 360-degree life mapping – how to measure your progress with limiting beliefs
  • Freeing the mind from the strong hold of limiting beliefs
  • Developing the mindset needed to break free
  • Separating fact and fiction: are your beliefs facts or not?
  • Readying oneself for the 360 degree life turn
  • Energies and emotions – how limiting beliefs are fed and fattened on your expense
  • The single step that implodes a limiting belief so it will never bother you again!

Day Two

Day Two is all about your self-image and how you perceive yourself and what you are entitled to. It’s time to skyrocket your life state to immeasurable heights! In this module you will learn:

  • How to create a healthy and progressive self-image
  • How to deal with people’s perception of you
  • Differentiating between what you truly believe in and what others think
  • Dealing with the feeling of being helpless and paralyzed
  • Why ‘playing it safe’ can be a traitorous companion
  • Why ‘going with the flow’ can ruin your chances of success
  • The location of limiting beliefs and understanding why they are so hard to find in the first place
  • Separating limiting beliefs from the rest of your existing beliefs
  • How to destroy limiting beliefs with pure fact
  • The 8 common myths that can completely destroy a person’s chances of success
  • Formulating a new way of thinking about life’s potentialities
  • How to use limiting beliefs as the raw material for more powerful beliefs that are rooted in the positive/creative/productive
  • The power of overestimating oneself
  • How to detect and trash negative ideas before they can become limiting beliefs
  • The power of taking responsibility and taking immediate action

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Day Three

Day Three deals with fear and doubt – the twin demons of failure and discontent. Here’s what you will be learning in Day 3 of 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs:

  • Uncovering the true, irrational nature of fear and why it should never be used as a guide to anything in life
  • Why fear is never accountable but continues to dictate your life
  • The secret to using fear as a motivator
  • How to use fear constructively
  • Finding the Universe’s rewards by grabbing fear and using it as a compass
  • How fear can help you develop a more rewarding life
  • Situating fear within a new winner’s mindset
  • Finding the path that leads to success
  • Packing for the ride of your life
  • How to never fall victim to fear again
  • Uncover how doubt sabotages opportunities for success
  • Imploding doubt with action
  • Differentiating between plain doubt and true intuition

Day Four

Day Four reveals the cornerstone of a person’s life – his relationships. Are you involved in genuine relationships that nurture and help you achieve your dreams? If not, prepare yourself to learn:

  • How to deal with the possibilities of disappointments and why the latter must not be a brake but a gas pedal to better relationships
  • Liberating the mind from the fear of rejection
  • Re-orienting yourself to the possibility of finding true relationships that can nurture and sustain you
  • Finding people that will form your true circle of friends
  • How to become a true friend
  • Dealing with personal flaws and weaknesses
  • Developing better relationships through continuous self-improvement
  • Measuring your true capability to become a good friend
  • Why everyone needs true friends
  • The reason why love seems complicated and unreachable to some
  • Super-boosting your self-confidence in preparation for your true love
  • Images and illusions – why beauty is a poor indicator of your likability as a unique and lovable individual
  • Discover what makes relationships work out – clue: it’s NEVER about money or luxurious living
  • The connection between truth and limiting beliefs

End Those Limiting Beliefs Before They Strangle Your Life for Good

Day Five

Have you ever felt that you will never measure up to anything? If you do, you may be dealing with limiting beliefs that center on perfectionism and failure. These limiting beliefs can be extremely toxic to people because they stifle creativity and force people into rigid, unattainable molds that never bring satisfaction or happiness to people. To some, perfectionism is a ‘requirement’ but in reality, it is never a key ingredient to success. In Day Five, I will teach you about:

  • How perfectionism ruins your true potentials
  • The negative impact of perfectionism on the human mind
  • How to act upon the impulse to be ‘perfect’ and win at the end
  • The secret to feeling worthy and proud of oneself even if you do not fit the mold of ‘perfection’
  • The difference between doing your best and striving to be perfect
  • The true value of obstacles and stumbling on the way to the top
  • Dealing with the idea that you have failed at something

Day Six

Day Six of 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs is all about your finances and your beliefs regarding money and wealth. Too often people are stuck as to what they should believe when it comes to the acquisition of wealth. Limiting beliefs regarding wealth can cause wealth to stop coming. That is the primal law of universe – if you think you don’t deserve something, even secretly, you won’t get it. In this module you will learn:

  • The difference between working for money and having money work for you
  • The true nature of money and why it is not the root cause of evil
  • The role of passion in amassing wealth
  • How to combine passion, fun and wealth in one package that you can use again and again until you acquire the kind of wealth that you have always dreamed of
  • How the mind adapts to negativity and why you should never adapt to something that makes life difficult for you
  • Situation money in an abundant mindset

Uncover Your True Potential with 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs

Day Seven

Day Seven deals with another crippling theme: fear of the future. The modern man’s mind is often filled with countless anxieties and doubts regarding the future and the trouble it can bring. Mans’ general fear of change goes hand in hand with his fear of the future. Must you be trapped by your fear of the future so much so that you are unable to see the beauty of the present time? Here are the vital lessons that you will learn in Day Seven:

  • Choosing to be happy at the present time, at all times
  • Protecting yourself against beliefs that bar you from your personal desires
  • How to think of the future
  • Dealing with instability and uncertainty
  • How the present time can help you take control of what happens in the future
  • Discover the role of personal happiness in creating a brighter future
  • The importance of appreciation
  • How to expand your comfort zone
  • Using logic to destroy limiting beliefs regarding the future
  • The connection between your past and the limiting beliefs regarding the future
  • Positive affirmations to condition your mind
  • Why you should welcome uncertainty and surprises in the present time
  • The role of hope in sustaining your present and future

Day Eight

Day 8 deals with happiness, the strongest motivator in the known Universe. Happiness is often the motivator and end-goal of most, if not all, human endeavor. This is the reason why you must always choose to be happy even if it means letting go of limiting beliefs that have become part of your general thinking and behavior. In Day 8 you will learn more about the following:

  • Where happiness is really situated in your life
  • Choosing the beliefs that make you happy
  • How gratefulness can increase a person’s happiness and contentment
  • Making an effort to identify beliefs that may have been there since childhood
  • Reinventing your conception of change and what it entails in a person’s life
  • Learning how to be happy now with what you have
  • Does revenge truly make people happy?
  • Analyzing how forgiveness solves deeply-rooted pain and emotional scars
  • The number one enemy of happiness (you know him/her very well…)
  • Dealing with other people’s expectations
  • Is true happiness possible?
  • Scientific studies on happiness
  • How to change your current actions to make yourself happier than before

Free Bonus


Included as a FREE bonus is a complete transcription of the entire course! This means that in addition to the 8 audio modules, you also get a full transcript of every word as a downloadable PDF. This is easily valued at $19.95 itself but it’s yours FREE!

Complete transcription of the entire course! Yours FREE!

8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs was designed especially for people like you, who have already discovered that happiness can only be gained if the mind is willing to receive it. This exclusive code to breaking down limiting beliefs is for anyone who wishes to pursue unstoppable wealth, health and happiness because I believe that every person has the power to perform a 360-Degree Life Turn no matter where they are right now in their life. All that is left to do now is to click here so you can start on DAY ONE.

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To Your Success,


Dr. Steve G. Jones

PS. Can you wait another day knowing that the same limiting beliefs that have harmed you before are still lurking in your mind? You have nothing to lose with 8 Days to End Limiting Beliefs.

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