Brainwave Club – The Finest Brainwave Guidance Technology

Brainwave Club – The Finest Brainwave Guidance Technology

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In the same way the high-powered microscope revolutionised biology, in recent years new scientific tools such as functional MRIs have led to a considerable increase in scientific knowledge about our mind and brain. As a result, we now understand how to alter our brainwaves to become happier, experience more joy and live a more awakened life.

Profound Gamma is a unique meditation audio technology developed by Brainwave Research UK. 

It incorporates the latest discoveries from modern scientific research and combines with an ancient Tibetan mindfulness method to create a selection of never-to-be-forgotten meditation experiences. 

Profound Gamma now makes it simple for anyone to achieve the benefits of a deeply rewarding Gamma meditation practice at the push of a button.

When experienced Tibetan monks go deeply into meditation, they produce uncommonly strong gamma brainwaves of electrical activity, in which many regions of the brain pulse in synchrony 40 times per second, integrating and unifying large areas of the mind.

Having the ability to affect your own mind in a similar way can be very helpful, especially for people who do not have time for intensive traditional meditation practices, such as the 24/7 disciplined life of a monk.

Profound Gamma is a new meditation path that involves training of the mind/brain and daily immersion in pleasurable gamma brainwave states that are responsible for real happiness, a joyful life and profound states of bliss and inner peace.

Regular Profound Gamma exposure increases the power and reach of fast, gamma brainwaves that are usually only experienced in such amounts by Tibetan monks who’ve spent decades in quiet solitude.

All the Profound Gamma meditation experiences activate these brain states, strengthening them a bit each time so that the brain “learns” how to switch to gamma brainwave states faster and by itself.

This gives you the ability to gradually rewire your own brain – from the inside out – You’ll enjoy enlightening new moments, awakened new ideas and solutions, and states of insightful clarity and bliss.

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