777 Positive Affirmations Ebook/audiobook – New 2021 Offer!

777 Positive Affirmations Ebook/audiobook – New 2021 Offer!

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Do you struggle to stay consistent, reach your goals, make new habits, or break old habits? Well now you can succeed in every area of your life with 777 Positive Affirmations!

Watch the video below for a deeper understanding of how affirmations can help change your life for the better!

Affirmations, also known as mantras, are phrases that are repeated over and over to develop constructive changes in yourself and your life. When you say, think, and even hear them, they become thoughts that shape your reality and perceptions. They are designed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind so that you can change and conquer your behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and environment. Affirmations make you feel optimistic, empowered, thrilled and motivated to accomplish your version of bliss.

Our subconscious is the part of the mind that we are not fully aware of, and it influences our actions and feelings. It is built to reinforce and regulate your life and it functions through, what psychology calls, confirmation bias. This is the tendency to look for, remember, and favor info in a way that validates or strengthens a person’s previous beliefs or values, whether they’re positive or negative. Your mind also presents you with repeated thoughts and impulses that mimic and mirror what you’ve done in the past. As Tony Robbins once said, “Your subconscious mind is the gatekeeper of your comfort zone. It is also the realm in which you can either habituate yourself to expect, and routinely seek the actions that would build and reinforce the greatest success, happiness, wholeness or healing of your life.”

Often when we want to reach a goal or break a bad habit, we may work hard for a few days, weeks, and maybe even months, but one way or another we go right back to where we subconsciously think we belong; in our careers, our finances, our relationships, and our mental and/or physical health. When you utilize affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind, you can stop this toxic cycle in its tracks and make impactful and permanent change in your life in an easy and effective manner. That’s why 777 Positive Affirmations is the perfect tool for anyone who is open and willing to create advancements within their subconscious and in turn, their lives. Get the eBook and/or audiobook today and finally transform your life with ease!

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